Day 19 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Day 19 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Today my gratitude started when I opened my laptop and needed inspiration to write. I have so many ideas in my head that it’s difficult to find the perfect one.

Stars in the sky (courtesy of Graphic Stock)I began looking through my clip art and photographs for inspiration and found one from my Graphic Stock collection. The starfish and the colours got me thinking about nature. Nature can give us, not only gratitude, but inspire us also.

So with that little snippet of inspiration I came up with these writing prompts for the day.

Writing prompts:

  • Three starfish wash up but one is in fact an antique gold relic.
  • The starfish are a scene from a children’s story about conservation.
  • The stars are a backdrop for an outback romance.
  • A woman wishes on a shooting star and she gets that wish (does she regret it?).
  • A boat has sunk with a family onboard. How will they safely get ashore?
  • A tropical romance involving two television stars (pun intended).

Day 19 I am grateful for:

The stars in the sky and the starfish in the water, because when I look up or down, nature has something to show me.

Even if you don’t write, writing prompts are a way to see the world differently. One small picture can give you so many ideas. These ideas could help your business, family life, health and happiness. You don’t need to start writing a novel just read them and imagine the possibilities.

Look at the picture above and what prompts can you come up with? Perhaps it will be something you’re grateful for today.

Day 17 and 18 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Day 17 & 18 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Acknowledging at least one thing I’m grateful for every day is making me realise the benefit of a positive outlook. Finding one small thing to make you smile, even when you’re sad, brings your focus back to possibly a better time to come. You can look forward to happiness. Each day of gratitude is making me enthused by life. I know I still have obstacles but everyone does. I look forward to finding a new wonderful thing each day.grateful for time to write

Why don’t you try gratitude?

  • You don’t have to blog it.
  • You could get a journal and write something positive every day.
  • You could take a photo each day of something you’re grateful for.
  • You could share it on Instagram or Pinterest.
  • You could sit with your family and make a habit of it.
  • You could just smile and know you are grateful.

Day 17 I am grateful for:

Having another article accepted for publication, because each time it happens I’m excited and proud.


Day 18 I am grateful for:

Having time each morning to write before I go to work, because the afternoon becomes my family time.

What are you grateful for?

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