The Beyond Armageddon Site (via Beyond Armageddon)

I just set up a WordPress site for Sandra because she wants to share the messages of Beyond Armageddon. I think it’s a fabulous idea in light of what’s been happening with tragedies worldwide.
We all need to start making a difference.

Caring about our nearest and dearest and having compassion and tolerance for others is so important. Let’s all have a rethink of how we are living our lives.

The Beyond Armageddon Site Welcome to Beyond Armageddon the site for the book of the same title by Sandra L Rogers. Devastating floods, bushfires and a cyclone in Australia, giant earthquake wipes out much of Christchurch, largest earthquake and tsunami in history destroys Japan’s coastline and there’s still a nuclear disaster threat! Is the earth angry with mankind? Forget about doomsday (nuts/wackos) read a work of FICTION that was written 10 years ago and will have you … Read More

via Beyond Armageddon

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