Motivated and happy to say I’m blitzing it!

I’m sticking to my goals. This includes writing, not just Body Blitz.

Let’s start with the writing. I’ve kept at a few short stories and finished two of my guest blogs (on time) for Inky Fresh Press. My first blog will appear on June 6th so check it out if you want to find out about what marketing you can reasonably expect from your publisher. Then on June 8th I give advice on cheap websites – blogs.

Now onto my Body Blitz. I’m pumped! I’ve stuck to it without being too harsh on myself. I’ve found in the past if I don’t give myself a bit of flexibility I tend to stray off track. I’ve regularly exercised, walked instead of driven, watched what I eat (I hate to call it dieting), added more protein than I usually would (at my personal trainer son, Joel’s advice), lifted light weights, cut down on alcohol and generally thought healthy thoughts.

I’ve already dropped a couple of kilos and it shows in the tightness (should I say looseness) of my clothes. As you can see by the promised picture (nah, not a bikini shot) that I have a little stomach overhang (not a good look). Maybe it’s the angle of me taking a picture of myself in the mirror or maybe it’s really there (I have a sneaky suspicion) but either way I need to tone up more than lose weight.

I’ve always promised myself that I would never get tuckshop-lady arms and I plan to keep that promise. Therefore the bicep curls and soooooo important as are the crunches (tummy-wise) and even froggies (have I said I hate them?) are a must.

Wish me luck in the coming months. Two weeks down – ten to go.

The picture is sideways for no other reason than it was taken with my iphone.

Feel free to comment, thank you.

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