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There’s a whale on my doorstep

Whale with Surfers Paradise in the background and closer by, Burleigh National Park.

I’d been watching coverage of the juvenile whale stranded at Palm Beach. I live just down the road. I was thinking why am I sitting here? Yes, I did have my tax to do. I had paperwork to fill out. I had a load of washing to hang out before work, still – a whale on my doorstep. How often would that happen? I’ve always been an animal lover and the plight of this beautiful humpback whale touched me deeply. I wanted to see him swim back out to sea – free.

I rugged up for the winter cold, grabbed my new camera and drove the three minutes to the beach. I am so glad I did.

I’m not a brilliant photographer as I’m still getting used to my Nikon Coolpix P520 (a fabulous and important gift from my family for my 50th birthday). I think, however, I’ve captured this mornings events rather well, considering that I was at least 100 metres away from the whale. An orange barrier was erected to keep onlookers away from the Seaworld staff and the whale.

Here’s my brilliant morning:

Rescuers helping attaching tow ropes to the whale.
Rescuers helping attaching tow ropes to the whale.
He looks as if he knows people are there to help. They have so much intelligence in their eyes.
Look at all the scars on his body and he’s only young. His organs are hurting while they are pressed on the sand instead of being in the water.
Seagulls were flocking above. Police, security, TV crews, photographers and rescuers were allowed in the whale zone.
The surf comes and goes and doesn’t seem to be helping in the rescue attempt.
Yay, we have movement from the whale as the tow-out starts to gain momentum.
Stalled again but rescuers remain optimistic.
This looks like it will work this time as the whale rolls so you can see the underbelly and this annoying photographer moves in for the ultimate photo.
Wouldn’t this be a great shot if he moved. Come on whale get yourself off the sand and into the water.
Tail is ready to start the swim. Get out of the way photographer. Not only so the whale tail doesn’t hit you but so I can get a better shot.
Hooray! This looks to be working.
Just got to get through these breakers and then the whale is free. Unfortunately, the waves pushed him back this attempt, but I’m happy to say about an hour later he was swimming out past the breakers.
Seriously? And then I saw this on the beach. A macaw?
And this is where I live. Who can complain? I walk back along the beach in a rush to get to work.
Whale eye
I’ll never forget your beautiful eyes, whale. You are beautiful and I hope you have a long life.

I hope you enjoyed my morning as much as I did. Please comment if you like.


Donna Munro is the author of The Zanzibar Moon, Kendwa's Secret and Elephant Creek, freelance writer, blogger, graphic designer, content writer, book marketer, administrator, web editor and book reader. She's been published in Take Five, The Australian Woman's Weekly, For Me, She, That's Life, Woman's Day and Club Life and other smaller publications. She is a proud member of Romance Writers of Australia and the current Administrative Assistant. Donna lives in Queensland and is addicted to beaches, reading, Peanut Butter, elephants, koalas, Sydney Roosters and Home & Away. You'll often find her digging her toes in the sand with a book in her hand.

3 thoughts on “There’s a whale on my doorstep

  1. Loved your story Don – I was asking Lisa if she saw the whale’s eyes when she was down there and she showed me your blog.There is something so very special about the way a whale looks at us humans and I wonder what they see, hopefully this one tells all his mates how the “humans” saved his arse from the sushi shop.


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