Soon I’ll say good-bye to my best friend, Boss

It’s been two week’s since my son, Blake and I took Boss (9 year-old Staffy) to the vet. She had a small lump but her stomach had enlarged suddenly and she’d quickly lost weight. I told myself she just had an upset stomach but I think I was kidding myself.

Robyn, our vet, said she would do a blood test and x-rays but she suspected a tumour. We left Boss and I took Blake home and went back to work. We were both upset that Boss was so sick and we hoped it wasn’t terminal.

Our worst fears came. Boss has an inoperable tumour. We’ve taken her home and we’re making the most of our days left with her. She’s been my best friend for so long I don’t know what I’ll do without her.

I hope you’ll indulge me as I post some Boss moments. For now here’s a recent picture (it’s from a phone so not so clear) of Mahli, who’s now bigger than her adoptive mum, and Boss, showing the tumour size around her girth.

photo (8)


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