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We didn’t say good-bye, we just said I love you Boss

Me and Boss our last morning together.
Me and Boss our last morning together.

Yesterday Boss passed peacefully watching Blake’s and my faces as she drifted off and we told her we loved her. I’m sure this is what she would have said if she could:

I’ve lived with my Munro family,

and I’ve always been so happy.

You’ve fed and walked me,

You’ve softly talked to me.

I’ve had pats and hugs,

Lots of fun rope tugs,

Wrestles with Blake on the mat,

Sunshine on the grass out back.

I’ve swum and fished (badly) by the lake,

Been taught to lift my hand to shake.

You never got mad when I muddied our home,

Instead were more worried that I’d get out and roam.

You put up with my weird phobias and licks,

You rid me of fleas and checked me for tics.

Joel brought me a baby to nurture too,

She made me live a life anew.

I had a young bounce in my step,

So don’t you ever forget,

My little Mahli has helped me through,

Even when she’d had a naughty chew.

Now that I have grown old and weak,

And pain has kept me from my sleep.

Don’t let me suffer past my time,

You’ll know when the end is mine.

I can’t battle on for too long now,

So let me take my final bow wow,

Let me wag my tail for all to see,

As you pat my head, goodbye to me.

We’ve had a treasured life together,

And you know I can’t get better.

Say good-bye when the times is right.

I’ll not mind slipping off into the night.

You may cry but don’t be sad,

Of my life with you I am so glad,

Look at my Mahli and think of me,

I know where I now need to be.

I’ll be at peace where there’ll be no storm,

No pain, or illness of any form.

I’ll roam the doggy beach in the air,

Chasing cats and fluffy dogs without a care.

I’ll have my old mates Sarge and Bully,

You know they’ll look after me fully.

So just shed these final tears,

And keep me in your heart for all your years

Remember I’m the dog called Boss,

And I want these words to help your loss.

Mahli looks like Boss.
Mahli looks like Boss.

For Boss’s sake we will now build fun memories with Mahli who will constantly remind us of Boss in a good way.

Boss accepted her role as Mahli's adoptive mother easily and naturally.
Boss accepted her role as Mahli’s adoptive mother easily and naturally.
Boss was only two months old and Blake 9.
Boss was only two months old and Blake 9.


Boss Munro

18 October 2004 – 30 September 2014


Donna Munro is the author of The Zanzibar Moon, Kendwa's Secret and Elephant Creek, freelance writer, blogger, graphic designer, content writer, book marketer, administrator, web editor and book reader. She's been published in Take Five, The Australian Woman's Weekly, For Me, She, That's Life, Woman's Day and Club Life and other smaller publications. She is a proud member of Romance Writers of Australia and the current Administrative Assistant. Donna lives in Queensland and is addicted to beaches, reading, Peanut Butter, elephants, koalas, Sydney Roosters and Home & Away. You'll often find her digging her toes in the sand with a book in her hand.

4 thoughts on “We didn’t say good-bye, we just said I love you Boss

    1. Thank you. Yes she was. No we never forget our fur babies. We have a lovely picture of Boss on a rock in our garden but even if we didn’t have that we are reminded by her every day in the funny things Mahli does, so we are lucky. I hope you’re doing okay, Anita.


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