Summer is bliss

Summer scene (Graphic Stock lic.)

Summer scene (Graphic Stock lic.)

I’ve knocked off work and got my house clean, so it’s time to hit the beach. I have a few necessities before I go:

  • Towel (sometimes forgotten and it’s not fun sitting directly on the sand – think uncomfy swimmers)
  • Sunnies (protect the eyes, especially while reading)
  • Book (light novel, usually, but any book will do)
  • Magazine (if novel is finished)
  • Sunscreen (forgot it yesterday and that’s a no-no in the Australian sun)
  • Lipscreen (my lips really feel the heat)
  • Zinc (for nose protection)
  • Small change (to buy a drink or snack)
  • Thongs (sand is too hot)
  • Swimmers (on before I leave of course)
  • Water (keep hydrated)
  • Almonds and grapes (to snack on)
  • Hat (my hair is thin so this is very important)
  • Phone (but only in case someone needs to phone me, otherwise this is a no-phone zone)
  • Car Keys (definitely do not lock in the car on a hot day)

The reasons I love summer are numerous. I just feel happier and healthier in summer. It might be the extra Vitamin D my body gets or the sparkles set off by the sun but something about it makes me feel alive, refreshed, exuburant, glowing and grateful for where I live. It’s the small things:

  • Soft sand between my toes
  • Reading a good book as the sun kisses my shoulders
  • Hearing waves crash on the shore like a drum beat
  • The sea salt smell on a soft breeze
  • Birdlife flying overhead singing their own songs
  • Walking from headland to headland through cool ankle-deep water
  • The smell of coconut, frangapani, seaweed and salt
  • Cicadas and their cacophonous chorus, like the titinus in my ear
  • Healthy bodies jogging or walking by
  • Surfers riding nature’s playground
  • Bush, rainforest, estuary and beach in all their lush beauty
  • Paper white sand and azure blue water
  • Toddlers testing the shallows with squeals of delight
  • Dogs chasing balls, tongues lolled in happiness
  • Relaxed body and calmed mind

Enjoy your summer.

Summer (Graphic Stock Lic.)

Summer (Graphic Stock Lic.)


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