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Book Baby Birthday – the three Bs of author happiness

Imagine my excitement when I receive the email saying my delivery is due today. Okay if you are not a writer or author maybe you can’t quite picture it. We all buy things online and anticipate when they will arrive, with excitement building as the postie nears (unless of course, you are a postie like my husband). I did that today, but I wasn’t waiting for a purchase from Oz Sale, Amazon, True Protein, FitAid, Dogmaster, The Brave, Gym Meals Direct or Catch of the Day, my awesome parcel was coming from Ingram Spark, my book printer. What was in the parcel? Just two books. The same two books but absolutely special books to me.

Kendwa's Secret the prequel to The Zanzibar Moon by Donna Munro
The Zanzibar Moon and Kendwa’s Secret by Donna Munro


I was working away at my sci-fi writing project Almythea (nine-thousand words in two days, actually) and I hear a bark from my dog, Mahli. Soon after there’s a knock on the door. Knowing my books were coming, the door was open. Mahli was growling at the postie through the screen, but harmless when I opened the door. I couldn’t sign that damn scanner fast enough for the poor guy to hand over my book parcel. Thank you very much!!!

Today Kendwa’s Secret was born (available from Amazon as an eBook already). The book has finally been held in my hands (well both books). The feeling of that matte cover (how divine). It’s not perfect just yet. They are my proof books. I have eight (or so) more readers ready to pick it to pieces (or not) and find any errors that have escaped the first editing processes. This time (after what I learned from producing The Zanzibar Moon) the proof books are the most necessary part of my publishing procedure. For some reason, the errors are easier to spot in book form. Even though these two beautiful books are only proof copies they are my twin babies, none the less. Happy dance and all, they are the best present I could receive. Other authors know the feeling. After such a long process from the idea, to plotting, typing, drafting, editing (many times), designing and then printing, receiving the first book makes me joyous (so much so I waited for my husband to get home from work to share it with him and my son, and of course writing side-kick, Mahli dog).

Even for a writer, it is hard to describe the feeling of euphoria. Put it into words and I could babble on for ages. Let’s just shout yay a few times instead. I will never tire of it. The reason I keep writing I guess.

There’s still work to do yet. I’ve already noted a couple of changes to the cover for the last print run. The text is yet to be read but there’s a task for Mother’s Day (ha ha, bliss).

What do you think of the covers together? Feel free to comment. Please comment. Feedback is always welcome (constructive of course).

If you know anyone (in the media) who would like to review the book, please get in touch through the contact page or message me.

There is a Press Release on my media page and below:

Kendwa’s Secret – Press Release


Donna Munro is the author of The Zanzibar Moon, Kendwa's Secret and Elephant Creek, freelance writer, blogger, graphic designer, content writer, book marketer, administrator, web editor and book reader. She's been published in Take Five, The Australian Woman's Weekly, For Me, She, That's Life, Woman's Day and Club Life and other smaller publications. She is a proud member of Romance Writers of Australia and the current Administrative Assistant. Donna lives in Queensland and is addicted to beaches, reading, Peanut Butter, elephants, koalas, Sydney Roosters and Home & Away. You'll often find her digging her toes in the sand with a book in her hand.

Feel free to comment, thank you.

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