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147 to 165 Days of Gratitude – Black Hawk Anniversary

Day 147 to 165 of 365 Days of Gratitude – Black Hawk Anniversary

It’s been 18 days since I last gave gratitude on this blog. I’ve been grateful for many things in those 18 days and most of them deal with my health and being alive. We should have gratitude for every day we wake and live on our beautiful planet Earth. Lots of people have come and gone since I’ve lived, and I ponder why some left this journey early, while others (such as my nana who lived till 94) stay longer than, perhaps, they would have liked. And, mostly why do some die so young?

Sunrise at Currumbin Beach Qld.

Have gratitude when you can wake each morning and see a new sunrise.

I am melancholy about this, as during these days the anniversary of The Black Hawk Accident occurred. 18 of our finest men died in that tragic incident June 12th 1996. 15 were SAS soldiers and one of them was Corporal Brett Tombs, a dear school friend. Many Australians will remember when the two Black Hawks collided over Townsville and how we mourned as a nation when we heard of the tragedy.

I think of Brett and his family each year and wish he could still be here with Gaye (who I also went to school with) and their two children, watching them grow up. It’s one of those things that, even twenty years later, you still don’t quiet believe that it happened. It resonates with me further because two of my sons have been in the defence force (one did three tours of duty). The Black Hawk incident shows that even in peacetime, there is always danger of some kind protecting our country. RIP Brett Tombs and all the young men of The Black Hawk.

You can read this tear-jerking account from last year’s Courier Mail, featuring Brett’s daughter Giverny. Brett would have been so proud of her and his son, Josh. I am grateful for something through that, and that is that his children have wonderful uncles (Brett’s brothers) who love his children and do their utmost to fill some of Brett’s void for them. It’s poignant and bittersweet.

So, for these 18 days of gratitude, let’s just say I’m truly grateful that all my family are safe and that we are here.

Reflect on what you were doing on the day of The Black Hawk Accident 21 years ago.

Lest we forget.

10 Days of Gratitude (133 to 143) out of 365 Days

Day 133 to 143 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Crossable bridges, don't burn bridges

Isn’t it lovely when your day starts out well? I woke up early (something I missed yesterday) and stretched while smiling and thought to myself ‘this is going to be a great day’. You’ve got to be grateful every time you wake up, right? I had some weird lucid dreams but, despite that, woke refreshed and cheerful. There’s reason’s I shouldn’t be; a niggly shoulder, pain in my wrist and fingers (probably arthritis). I could bemoan about them, but sometimes your mind takes over and gives you happiness. Mind over body. Those painful niggles really don’t matter in the scheme of things. There’s people waking up with a lot worse problems, so I’m choosing gratitude.

I’ve missed a few days of my 365 days of gratitude (10) and, rather than, pinpointing one thing on each day (I didn’t jot them down so can’t remember) I’m choosing to encompass all the easy things to be grateful for across all these days. My ten thoughts of gratitude are:

  1. I woke up to another mild Autumn day in beautiful Australia.
  2. My family is happy and healthy (no colds, nothing).
  3. I haven’t encountered bad drivers or road rage (this certainly makes driving more enjoyable).
  4. The birds seem louder and happier. I don’t even mind the noisy black crows.
  5. It didn’t rain over the weekend, but it was forecast to bucket down.
  6. I got big hugs from my sons (even though they are all grown up).
  7. My friends and I have sorted out the last details of the book launch (less stress for me).
  8. Book sales are coming in (I thank all the people who have purchased so far. I love you all).
  9. My book The Zanzibar Moon is now available in e-book (lots of clapping). Link to come.
  10. I am creating wonderful networks with fellow female writers (make sure you build cross-able bridges).

I’m sure you can name ten things you are grateful for. Go ahead. It’s good for you to see these things. Even when life is difficult you can find (even if they are small) things to have gratitude for.  Write them down. Let me know what yours are, just comment below.

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