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A book, a dog, parkland, two wood ducks, a dusky moorhen and a pink galah.

Why these seven things made my morning. Hi readers, I know you’ve been wondering where I got to. There’s nothing wrong with being offline for a patch of time. I hope for your own sanity, you occasionally do the same. Though of course I’ve still been typing, gazing at a white screen, wondering what I […]

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A motivational read Turia Pitt ‘Unmasked’ review

A motivational read Turia Pitt ‘Unmasked’ review I finished ‘Unmasked’ by Turia Pitt and Bryce Corbett (336 pages), between writing and other jobs. I couldn’t put it down (but of course I had to or I wouldn’t have met my own deadlines). From the first chapter, I shed tears. They stayed throughout, but mixed with […]

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