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Heal to Live has been released

Heal to live

– A guide to bliss, love and light on Earth using your intuition & inner-guidance, is the first independent non-fiction book by Warm Witty Publishing.

Go within and let the healing begin…
This book is about enlightenment, spiritual wisdom and transformation. It is a tool to help you heal to live. Unhappiness, fear, anxiety, depression and grief are all cries from the soul looking for remedy and solace. Learn how to build self-love, eradicate negative behaviours and find a path to spiritual awakening, with context to:

  • Holistic healing
  • Science aligning with spirituality
  • Healing with affirmations
  • Chakra balancing and clearing
  • Ayurvedic body, mind and spirit balance
  • Diet and the 3 doshas – Pitta, Vata & Kapha

Learn to use your inner wisdom and laws of the universe to create whatever you desire. Align with your purpose in life to ‘go within and let the healing begin’. Kerry shares her effervescence for life by feeding your inner child to find joy and peace. She shares how meditation, channelling, spirits and deities are present as guides in a real and relatable way. Heal to Live is a book that guides you through life challenges, overcoming obstacles and believing in your soul. The heart is sacred. It is the gateway to our soul. We can transform our belief patterns through meditation, faith and trusting our inner guidance.

About Kerry Clancey:

Kerry the healer Clancey
Author of Heal to Live, Kerry Clancey. 


Australian, Kerry Clancey has been an Intuitive, Channeller, Spiritual Teacher & Healer since her extraordinary near-death experience in 2011.

Qualifications include: Writer, Author, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Crystal Intuitive Healing, Chakra Balancing, Reiki Master, Tibetan Sound Bowls and Gong Master, and a Degree in Counselling/ Human Services/Social Work.


If you want to read more about Kerry:


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A book, a dog, parkland, two wood ducks, a dusky moorhen and a pink galah.

Why these seven things made my morning.

Hi readers, I know you’ve been wondering where I got to. There’s nothing wrong with being offline for a patch of time. I hope for your own sanity, you occasionally do the same. Though of course I’ve still been typing, gazing at a white screen, wondering what I can fill it with. As a writer, the writing or thinking about writing rarely stop, but we all need time-out to recharge.

The break from blogging and social media has helped my writing output, given my neck a well-deserved rest and ensured I have quality time renovating my gardens and exploring the parklands near my new home.

Spring is a brilliant time of the year to get outside and enjoy nature. I thought I’d share a little bit of what I found (possible ideas for the next book). As the title of this post says:

  • Book – Kendwa’s Secret first batch of books should be on my doorstep today (the excitement is building)
  • Dog – Mahli, my dog, will chase any bird out of our backyard, but when we walk, she ignores them, giving me time to photograph my neighbourhood birdlife.
  • Parkland – The parklands make up the Eddie Kornhauser Recreational Reserve, which is an open space for recreation, picnics, walks, bike riding, dog runs; all surrounded by bushland and waterways.
  • Two Wood Ducks – There are more than two Australian Wood Ducks in the area, but I only photographed a pair this morning. I’m yet to see ducklings but I’m sure (the way they seem to be loving it up) ducklings will be hatching soon. These aquatic birds obviously love the multiple waterways, lakes, creeks, streams and ponds.
  • Dusky Moorhen – At first its red beak made me think it was a baby swan until it strutted in front of me.
  • Pink Galah – This cute galah had a mate nearby who did not want to be photographed. I love parrots and there are plenty here to see. Rosellas congregate in the tree out the front of my house and their happy twitter is like music out of the speakers of nature.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Though these photos were only taken with my iphone, you can see how pretty the area is. Where do you live? Can you explore it further? You may live near the beach. Don’t just walk on the sand, feel the sand on your feet, sniff the salt air, look for washed up shells or driftwood, gaze out at the ocean and perhaps spot a whale. Whatever you do, wherever you are, spend some time in nature. You’ll be rewarded. Enjoy.

Oh and if you need a book to read while sitting on a park bench, lying on a beach towel or lazing in your own backyard, don’t forget Kendwa’s Secret is available now. Get yourself a copy and enjoy the read.