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Body image won’t go away

It seems such a shame that so many women have bad body image. The issue keeps being raised again and again in women’s and health magazines, newspaper, TV and radio, even on the street you’ll hear women discussing it.

“Why did Mary get a boob job? I thought her’s were fantastic already.”

“Apparently, they were sagging.”

“Really? God, she’s only twenty.”

I’ve heard this type of discussion and seen the young women but it’s also the older women who are not happy with what they have and strive to be more beautiful (often to the detriment of their health).

They exercise and diet madly, they still think their hips are too big, their boobs too small, their faces too lined, their stomachs too big and – strangely they mostly already look fabulous.

I have friends who attend Botox parties. I have better ways to party than that!

The latest Women’s Health issue (April 2011) features and article titled The Rise of Adult Eating Disorders.

Zeus author Marion Maclean talks about having exercised for 40 hours a week. Phew! I am exhausted just hearing that. Her book Defeating Anorexia Athletica is an inspiring read from over-exercise and dieting to health and happiness.

Personally, I love exercise and I eat a healthy balanced diet. I’ve found that everything in moderation is the key to good health. I’m very short, big bottomed and flat chested but I embrace those things because I can’t change them (believe me, like Marion, over the years I have tried). As long as I look after myself I’m mostly happy with the results and try not to dwell on my faults (which of course I have many).

We all come in different shapes and sizes and it would be terribly boring if everyone looked like a Barbie Doll.