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What does an author get up to?

I was asked this question and it’s not easy to explain, because not every day is the same. However, I’ll do my best to answer it. Here goes. Firstly, I do my employed work. As with many writers, I have a day job. Luckily for me it’s a fantastic job because I work for Romance Writers of Australia as the Administrative Officer. Working with RWA is the best way to mix with other writers. It keeps my finger on the pulse of publishing.

Oh, while we are speaking about pulse. Mine’s been racing a little lately. No not from any romantic fiction I’m reading, more because I’m on a health kick and trying to run at least 5km a day. And if it’s raining I have no excuse because I bought a treadmill. Wish me luck with that. Fitness helps clear my head, so it does aid in better writing.

Today my list of authorly things on the boil:

  • One full women’s fiction manuscript submitted with an agent in the USA (fingers are tightly crossed)
  • One women’s suspense fiction manuscript complete and undergoing final edits
  • One non-fiction book in final stages to pre-sale (more about that shortly)
  • Ongoing marketing
  • Ongoing website updating and blog (this)
  • Ongoing bookkeeping and office administration
  • Helping another author with book cover, layout, design and submission
  • Final layouts on a commemorative magazine for RWA (volunteer)
  • Creating metadata and other book details for non-fiction book
  • Checking emails in case the agent has contacted me
  • Ignoring my phone beeping when someone posts to social media
  • All while listening (part watching) You-Tube writing videos.

Phew! I wonder if there’ll be less to do tomorrow. And, did you notice, not one bit of that was writing a new story. Sometimes writers do other things than write. Don’t worry, the next one is in my mind ready to hit the pages soon. I promise.

So, about the non-fiction book will help writers who are looking to self-publish. Here’s the blurb:

How to Self-Publish in Oz

A step-by-step guide for Australians planning to self-publish a book.

There’s no better joy to an aspiring author than the arrival of the first book baby. Holding a debut book in your hands, flipping the pages, rubbing the cover and staring at your author picture may seem surreal. Advancements in technology make it possible for you to simply self-publish – if you know how.
This book eliminates the worries from your Australian self-publishing journey by teaching you tips and tricks; what worked for the author and what didn’t.

  • The dozen of self-publishing (1. Write, 2. Drafts/Edits, 3. Register, 4. Market, 5. Layout, 6. Book Cover, 7. Proof, 8. Last Edit, 9. Print, 10. Distribute, 11. Social Media, 12. Website and other marketing).
  • Avoid common pitfalls.
  • Celebrate your ability.
  • The A, B, Cs of self-publishing (Aptitude, Belief, Creativity).
  • Drafts, edits, re-drafts and re-edits and the tricks to help.
  • Network with your tribe for the processes you can’t do yourself.
  • Enjoy the creative freedom of self-publishing.
  • Checklists to make the best decisions to produce a book as professionally as a traditionally published one.
  • Keeping records that won’t dampen your enthusiasm.
  • Free templates – for self-publishing in Australia.

As an indie author of three women’s fiction novels, The Zanzibar Moon, Kendwa’s Secret and Elephant Creek, and freelance writer, Donna Munro can show you how to take the steps. After working in publishing as a book marketing publicist and learning the ropes, she transitioned to self-publishing. She helps other writers achieve their goals by providing newsletters, websites, book design, book covers and other guidance. Skills include excellence in multiple computer platforms and apps, 18 years in the printing industry, writing diploma, graphic design, publishing, administration, marketing and event management.

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New Website and Blog

Wow! It’s mid-November already. Can you believe it?

What a year for so many of us due to COVID-19. I hope we’ll all soon put this year behind us (if it’s been difficult) or embrace it (if it’s been good). I’m looking forward to 2021.

One thing I planned to do this year was a new simplified website (more so than a blog). I accomplished that with Yes, my own little author domain. Please check it out and sign up to my new blog and newsletter. I’ll be concentrating more on the author life than life in general. I have big news breaking soon!

Now restrictions have eased I have a book signing

Saturday November 21st 10 am – 12 noon

With Covid-19 it’s been a while since my last sighing. I didn’t even have a book launch for Elephant Creek which is disappointing. Appearing at Annie’s Books on Peregian is a terrific opportunity to showcase my books. Annie’s is a famous little bookstore with the outside footpath area a perfect place to set up my book-signing table, with people passing by and popping in often.

If you’re a Sunshine Coast local, come pop by and say hi. I’ll have a little competition going to win my books, mouse pad and pen.

Venue address: 8 Kingfisher Drive, Peregian Beach

For Gold Coast locals all books are still available from Karen and Rob at Currumbin Creek Newsagency on Currumbin Creek Road.

With Elephant Creek being set in Currumbin Valley there’s plenty of local spots mentioned in the book, especially Currumbin Creek.

I’ve had some busy months, both with work (admin and graphic design) and writing (which includes marketing my books). The latest manuscript is complete. Yay!  I was lucky enough to polish this story through the Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance Manuscript Development Project, with Dr Melanie Myers. Melanie is the award-winning author of Meet Me at Lennons.
The next story is six chapters in and flowing well. Both will be stand-alone books where I’m seeking publication rather than self-publishing. There are many reasons for this move. I’ll keep those secrets for now, but I hope to update you before Christmas.
For those living in Victoria, I’m glad your life can finally get back to normal (the new normal at least). I’ve been thinking of you.
Enjoy Christmas shopping and don’t forget to buy books as gifts. You’ll not only make a writer happy but a reader too.
Love, hugs and reading happiness,

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