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Storytime for the Grandkids – NanStory

My grandkids and daughter-in-law popped in to see me yesterday. I wondered if it would be the last time I saw them for a while because of a potential lockdown due to Covid-19. It got me thinking we would need to Facetime and call more often. I was also pondering how they would be homeschooled and the potential for boredom to set in.

I love books and I want them to enjoy them too. Books not only teach children, they entertain and delight. So, I thought I’ll record me reading to them. I know I’ll get better at it but here is the first episode of NanStory. Please share it if you want to give your kids or grandkids an extra storytime.

I’m not a fan of myself on camera but it was fun to do because it’s for kids. And, yes I am still writing adult content but I have a little children’s story in the pipeline too. Enjoy and please don’t laugh (oh, hang on, yes you can laugh when I say splash!) Ha, ha!

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Donna Munro Author Interview on AllAuthor

Here’s my lovely interview on AllAuthor. I highly recommend them to other authors.



Donna Munro latest interview by AllAuthor

Donna Denise Munro was thinking up stories from a young age and had a vivid imagination. She loves beaches, and Zanzibar sounds as exotic as it is. She has always liked contemporary stories that are uplifting and filled with emotion – character-driven but with fun, exotic settings. Her books are a great gift for those wanting a twisting, turning read. Read full interview…