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New Office to inspire the muse

Are you curious as to where I write?

Here’s a look at my new office. I still have a bit of arranging to do but it’s almost there. The perfect space to fit a desk, two laptops, trays, folders, stationery, bookshelf, filing cabinets, printer and of course – plenty of books (and pens) (oh, and notepads)!

Author Donna Munro's office.
My new office. I’m awaiting more of my books to fill the bookshelf.

Another advantage is when I turn around I have a water view – the pool. It’s tranquil and pretty to inspire my next book setting. Stay tuned for that.

Water views from author Donna Munro's office.
A pretty view from my office.

Today I had a phone interview in the office (my first). I know it’s Easter Monday but when a journalist calls it’s back to author mode. The lovely Laura of Coolum News was interested in Elephant Creek and we had a nice chat about what inspired me to write it (the old circus elephants of Currumbin Valley, plus the other two books The Zanzibar Moon and Kendwa’s Secret), what I’m doing next (a children’s book and more adult fiction) and other stuff. I’ll post a copy when it’s out. If you live on the Sunshine Coast look out for it.

Surprisingly, because Laura called out of the blue I wasn’t nervous while she interviewed me. It was more like a chat with a friend. I’m sure it will result in a great article. Any publicity is good publicity, right!

I’m also going to be in Seniors news both national and local, so look out for that. Hopefully, I’m also making inroads with local bookstores. Readers are loving the new book and I’m getting genuinely lovely feedback and seeing posts on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you, dear readers.

No makeup (yes, I am out of my PJs) in my new office.

If you know a bookstore or specialist store (like a beach boutique) who may like to stock my book please tell them to email me at Thank you.

Feel free to ask me any questions about my writing process. 🙂 xo

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Storytime for the Grandkids – NanStory

My grandkids and daughter-in-law popped in to see me yesterday. I wondered if it would be the last time I saw them for a while because of a potential lockdown due to Covid-19. It got me thinking we would need to Facetime and call more often. I was also pondering how they would be homeschooled and the potential for boredom to set in.

I love books and I want them to enjoy them too. Books not only teach children, they entertain and delight. So, I thought I’ll record me reading to them. I know I’ll get better at it but here is the first episode of NanStory. Please share it if you want to give your kids or grandkids an extra storytime.

I’m not a fan of myself on camera but it was fun to do because it’s for kids. And, yes I am still writing adult content but I have a little children’s story in the pipeline too. Enjoy and please don’t laugh (oh, hang on, yes you can laugh when I say splash!) Ha, ha!