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Kendwa’s Secret (September 2018).


Kendwa's Secret Book CoverISBN: 978-0-6480194-2-8

RRP: $25.99

AUTHOR: Donna Munro

PUBLISHER: Warm Witty Publishing


RELEASE: September 2018

SUBJECTS: Romance Fiction, General Fiction, Contemporary Women’s Fiction, Adventure Romance, Travel Romance.


“The prequel to ‘The Zanzibar Moon’ lives up to its sexy expectations.”

Crocodile wrangler and wildlife ranger Kendwa Ely’s troubles didn’t begin when he buried his parents; they started long before that.

In Africa, he is seven-years-old when the unthinkable happens and he must stay silent. The years don’t dim the secret. In a constant effort to forget it, he travels the world, wrangling crocodiles in Australia’s Northern Territory, roping live alligators out of rich people’s pools in Florida, fighting for eco-tourism and bedding a constant stream of women.

That is until he meets Sharli Ahu.     

Exquisite as a Hindu princess, Sharli has values, humility and beliefs. A strong, resourceful woman, she doesn’t need a man like Kendwa. She’d rather be caring for Borneo’s orangutans.

But Kendwa gets under Sharli’s skin. Even when he stuffs up there’s something sincere, strong and kind about him. She has more important things in life than lusting after a wild guy like Kendwa.

In the jungles of Borneo, a venomous snake strikes and Sharli may be the only one who can save him.

Can their love grow, or will the shadow of his secret always be looming? Is it the catalyst for his biggest betrayal yet, or can he save the people he loves most?

Can true love survive the secrets people keep?

The Zanzibar Moon (released in 2017)

THE ZANZIBAR MOONThe Zanzibar Moon, chick lit, beach read, Donna Munro, author

ISBN: 9780648019404  (paperback)

RRP: $22.99

AUTHOR: Donna Munro

PUBLISHER: Warm Witty Publishing

COVER DESIGN: VicCovers and Donna Munro

RELEASE: 01.06.2017

SUBJECTS: Romance Fiction, General Fiction, Contemporary Women’s Fiction, Chick-Lit

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The Zanzibar Moon is a mix of chick lit, adventure, romance and a tear jerker.

Alkina’s Jarvis thinks the best way to deal with the end of her marriage is to give her life a jungle twist.

Ali travels from Australia to Africa to volunteer, and is then sent to exotic Zanzibar. She helps abandoned mothers set up a self-sustainable refuge at a ramshackle beach resort.

There’s the unexpected; a brawny exotic man walking a cheetah, a wizened woman with an ancient lamp, an old journal with secret pages, giant tortoises in caves and the wonderful eccentric characters of The Peace Resort.

Kendwa Ely is a wild and sexy adventurer.  Sparks fly between him and Ali, and though he may be the Tarzan of her dreams, he comes with complications; a three-year-old son and a mysterious job.

Don Cloutier the island’s doctor struggles with his own demons; drink, women and temptation. Will he ever take his medical calling seriously and stop comparing himself to Kendwa, and perhaps win Ali’s heart?

Shaun Flannery is Ali’s handsome neighbour and friend. Can he make her see sense, or is he just wasting his time?

 And Ali’s husband can’t make up his mind.

It’s impossible for Ali to resist Kendwa, but will his past come back to haunt them both?

When a medical emergency sends her racing home she renews her family bond, uncovers a new betrayal and finds an inner strength from her time with Kendwa in exotic Zanzibar and the wilds of Africa.

But on her return to the island will the grief of what she finds overwhelm her?


“You actually have a lot of content in the book and the story line is an interesting “Chick Lit” and reminded me of Janet Evanovich series a lot. The mix of dialogue and locations made the book move and the way that the character travelled allowed you to explore lots of options for material. I could tell you had written it – it really came from your soul and your experiences/loves. There is a real mix of chick lit, travel, suspense and tear jerking.” – Angela Spzjoda (owner of 360 Degree Wellness)

“I loved it. I really felt like I was walking the narrow lanes of Zanzibar and that I was taken on an African safari. It was a unique and beautifully written story. I haven’t read anything like it.” – Valerie Ibbotson (retired)

“I finished reading The Zanzibar Moon and absolutely loved it, Donna. I didn’t predict the ending either. It’s exotic, funny and full of adventure. It’s also inspired me to go to Zanzibar one day.” – Leesa Bennett (volunteer teacher abroad)

“I am really impressed by the book, you have really done your homework and if I did not l know any better I would have sworn that you have lived in Africa for a period of time.  You have captured life here so well with the chaos, the beauty, the nature, even down to the sometimes not so pleasant aromas (haha).   The story line is great and the characters are interesting.  I also like how you have put the relevant chapters in the first tense for Alkina and Dr Don.  It lets you get closer to the character I think.  I showed some of the Swahili to my colleague and as far as she could tell you were spot on.” – Kerry Zillner (UN worker in Africa)



The cover of Dad Love by Donna Stafford-Munro


ISBN: 978-1-4661-3461-4

RRP: $2.00

AUTHOR: Donna Stafford-Munro

PUBLISHER: Smashwords, Inc.

COVER DESIGN: Donna Stafford-Munro

RELEASED: 20.8.2011

This delightful book is filled with quotes and insights into Dad Love.

Why do we love our dads so much? That question is answered in short paragraphs of reminiscing, memories, feelings, thoughts, humour and love from everyday people, celebrities, authors and philosophers.

The author’s own insight into why she loved her own dad will take you on a voyage of self discovery, as you try to understand how much your father influenced your life, even if he is no longer here.

A light easy read and a wonderful tribute to dads on Father’s Day.

Read it in one sitting or go to any page for a lovely quote about fatherhood.


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