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A new year for all with the 3 Ps

Time has flown already since New Year’s Eve. I’m back at work and hardly feel like I’ve had a holiday. Okay I did get to lie in the sun with a book a couple of times but – remember all that rain?

I did get a new edit done of ‘Finding Tarzan’ and ‘Thomas’s Story’ but not much else (as far as writing goes).

I have an upbeat feeling about 2011. I just know it’s going to be a better year than last. Well – it’s just gotta be.

So to everyone who had a shitty 2010 I wish you a beautiful, fulfilling and happy 2011. I hope all your dreams either start to come true or really do come true. I hope the goals you’ve set yourself are attained and you keep motivated and stimulated.

I wish you the 3 Ps peace, prosperity and positivity.

Here’s to the best of 2011.

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50 Tools that can Increase your Writing Skills (via Anastasiafloxy’s Blog)

Here’s a terrific blog full of writing tools to help your skills as a writer. Enjoy!

# Writing Tool #1: Branch to the Right # Writing Tool #2: Use Strong Verbs # Writing Tool #3: Beware of Adverbs # Writing Tool #4: Period As a Stop Sign # Writing Tool #5: Observe Word Territory # Writing Tool #6: Play with Words # Writing Tool #7: Dig for the Concrete and Specific # Writing Tool #8: Seek Original Images # Writing Tool #9: Prefer Simple to Technical # Writing Tool #10: Recognize Your Story’s Roots # Writing Tool #11 Back Off or S … Read More

via Anastasiafloxy’s Blog