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The Maxi Dress and the Manuscript

The final draft of my manuscript is moving along nicely, though today I’m just pondering rather than editing and refining.

My mind is a bit mushy at the moment with too many distractions. My eldest son applying for the fire service (in NT mind you). My youngest has had a friend staying over and well…you know teenagers…yep can’t say more than that. My husband has been promoted and needs support and encouragement. The dog needs a walk but I just pat her head instead. The water is glistening on the lake behind my house and it keeps drawing my eye rather than the manuscript. And I keep thinking about when it’s going to be nice enough weather to wear my new dress.

Women everywhere will understand how distracting having a new outfit and not being able to wear it is. I picture myself in it with my hair, makeup and shoes perfect and everyone commenting on how fab I look. I may as well write about it instead of edit my manuscript. (Ah huh. I am aren’t I!)

I’ve worn this dress once (that brief hot week where you think summer is here but it’s just a nasty trick to make you pack all your winter clothes up only to get them out again because you’re freezing your arse off). It’s a maxi (which I’ve admired since last summer but never bought one). This gorgeous aqua, blue, green and tan cotton-lycra mix (don’t I love the fact that I don’t have to iron it) has patterns that remind me of an Aztec princess. It has twisted straps and a built-in bra that make my puny boobs look pretty alright.

The dress was way too long. Not because they went crazy on the fabric but because I’m rather short. (If you’re nickname is Pygmy during high school it’s a sure bet you’re either under 5 ft or as big as an elephant. I was (and am) the former. I’ve got much more chance of smelling people’s armpits than seeing whether they have a double or single crown.

Mum, with her trusty overlocker, cut the bottom off and hemmed it for me at a level that would stop me tripping over every time I tried to walk. My contribution to the outfit was to keep the cut-off hem and use as a headband that was long enough to drape over my shoulder to the side of my face. Very 1970s but it works.

Aaah…I’m still waiting for another summer-type day (well it is spring) to wear my new dress. A barbie would be just peachy. Maybe even a party or dinner at a restaurant. I reckon by then though I’ll probably have another new dress and won’t know which one I want to wear.

Tell me about something you are yet to wear.

I promise I’ll take a pick when I finally frock up in the dress again.

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More prompts to get you writing

If you need some prompts to get the muse working for you again, try these:

  • Explain the taste and smell of mint. Do you like it? What does it remind you of?
  • What goal have you set this year? Write about why it is important to you.
  • What is soft, warm and cuddly?
  • Write a story about a bird.
  • Observe one of your children and write about the faces they pull in different situations eg. happy, sad, frustrated, intrigued etc.
  • Look at a cupcake and imagine a fantasy world living inside it.

  • Feel the breeze on your face. Describe it.
  • You win something. How do you feel?
  • Write a romance of only 250 words.
  • Do a travel story on your dream destination.
  • Write about the saddest thing that ever happened to you.

I hope your muse is back and getting really pushy so that you have no more excuses not to write.