Everyone Loves a Wedding

On Friday my stepson married his gorgeous bride (and I MEAN gorgeous – stunning, divine, beautiful – you name it she was all of the above).

I’ve had many proud days but this was one of the proudest. Of course the proudest being giving birth. But though I didn’t give birth to Kris (yes, I’ll credit his own mum with that) I have helped bring him up. I love him as if he were my own, and as a step-son, his is. To see him with his younger brothers standing beside him in his (sexy) white shirt and them in their black shirts – I can just say – wow! I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat the size of a tennis ball.

Our mixed family (steps, halves, married, not married, not related) all came along and blended well. I guess it’s the way things are today. Families just aren’t what they used to be. Now, at ‘family gatherings’ (incidentally this is what the ‘wedding’ was called to avoid paying over three times the price) there is no normal family.

So at this wedding there is a groom (Kris), bride (Elise). Kris’s dad is my husband. Kris’s mum has a partner. My sons were the groomsmen or witnesses (wow did they look handsome in their black shirts and so grown up) and are Kris’s brothers (halves but we never say that because they are just all brothers). Elise’s sister and brother were the other witnesses. My family (my mum – Nana to Kris, sister and her husband, brother and his wife – are all the steps) all attended. My husband’s parents. Half of Elise’s family were missing. Half of the groom’s mother’s were missing. For different family estrangement reasons it made us and odd and mixed bunch.

It didn’t matter at all because everyone was happy sharing the joy of their wedding day. Yes, over the years we’ve all had our ‘moments’ trying to bring up a little boy in two different families, in two different states, with totally different viewpoints, but we all got past that for this enormous family event.

We shared delicious food, a good quantity of beverages (yes alcohol) and much laughter and reminiscing. I can only hope that when Kris and Elise sit proudly at their own children’s weddings that, no matter what course their life and marriage takes, that everyone will choose happiness over anger and fun over jealousy and love above everything else.

To Elise and Kris – happy marriage – and you did indeed make the most adorable couple and should have been in the social pages – alas none of us are famous and I’m glad we kept it between ourselves. But really, the satin blue Manolo Blahniks that Elise wore with her pearl white dress were definitely ‘Sex and the City’ and made the wedding that much more special because it had the bride’s touch.

Me – I’m the proud step-mum and now prouder step-mum-in-law and I finally have a daughter.

Why writing makes me happy!

It’s not difficult for me to write. It never has been. I’m the type of person that can’t write a letter on one page of stationary – I need more.

In fact when I travelled around Australia in the mid 80s my poor mum and dad would often receive eight page letters. I’m sure I bored them so much they fell asleep before they got through to the last page. How much can you say about 20-somethings partying around the country (and party we did)? – eh Leesa?

Anyway I continue to write because it makes me happy. I enjoy the process from planning it in my head to getting it down on paper and then finally typing it up on my computer (though I’m writing by keyboard at the moment). I like how I can start with just a wisp of an idea and turn it into a story. I love telling stories. So I guess a blog is a perfect extension of that.

This blog, however, is different to my bookszeus.wordpress.com blog because I am free to be me (outside the restraints of a working environment). At Bookszeus I do talk about writing but I also include marketing and publishing and the format is to engage the Zeus writers to fully understand how the industry works and hopefully to encourage others to get published.

Here, frankly I don’t care. I want to rant if I like. I want to pour my heart out and cry if I feel like crying. Believe it or not that is what makes me happy. I want to tell you how I feel about Elephants and why they need help. I want to explain how sad it is to send one of your children to war. I want to gripe about 15-year-old boys. I want to tell you the best ways to relax in a bath. Possibly I’ll bore you as much as those old letters to mum and dad but maybe not.

Writing is part of me. Funnily enough it’s taken a long time to embrace that. Being a writer (if you don’t already have a swag of published novels or non-fiction books to your name) is scoffed at as not a ‘real profession’. To me it’s not even about vocation it’s about being – being a writer.

A favourite photo of Joel and I down Kingscliff Beach, NSW

My husband (long-suffering¬†Bevil, who just tried to get my attention away from the computer by dancing naked in front of me), my children (Kris, my step-son; Joel 18 and Blake 15) even my dog, Boss, know I am a writer – even though they don’t get the reason for my compulsion.

My mum, Valerie, has always encouraged me and my dad did also (when he was alive). They raved about my first little story about ‘The Mouse with the Musical Ears’ (I guess that was in about second class) and I was hooked on the encouragement ever since.

But encouragement aside, writing is a solo endeavour but maybe that’s why I like it so much. I’ve always cherished my OWN time. I wrap myself in my imagination and off I go to the fantasy place of my choice. To me that’s happiness but I have plenty of other ways to be happy and I’ll share them soon.

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