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Happy International Women’s Day March 8

International Women's DayHappy International Women’s Day to women around the world. This day was founded in Copenhagen in 1910. The United Nations began celebrating International Women’s Day on 8 March 1975. By 2014 women across the globe were encouraged to unite. Today we celebrate our diversity, strength, and optimism while still pushing for equality. You go girls!

To your fellow woman:

  • encourage
  • respect
  • welcome
  • applaud
  • hug
  • empathise
  • empower
  • nurture
  • mentor
  • uplift
  • inspire
  • motivate
  • support
  • endorse
  • enrich
  • love

Enjoy your day by embracing everything that is WOMAN.

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New Logo – new look – branding it right

You may have noticed that I have played around with the look of the Warm Witty Words website. It’s not finalised yet, but I think it is getting there. The main thing I learned from a recent author event was that ‘I’ am my brand. This got me thinking about using Donna Munro as my brand along with Warm Witty Words. Let me know what you think of my new author logo.

Donna Munro author logo

There will be lots of changes this year, so make sure you follow this blog to hear more. Exciting developments are coming!

Donna Munro author