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A wonderful review, new life and working for RWA

Sorry I’ve been absent from this blog. To say a lot has been going on is an understatement. I made a big move, began new jobs, decorated a lovely home (including home office), helped the dog adjust to the move (she’s snoring under my chair right now. I guess that means she’s settled), finalised some ghost writing jobs, tried to add to my manuscript (unfortunately not often enough), worked long hours, took in the sights of the new town, had visitors, celebrated another birthday (mine), saw more of the grandchildren and numerous other things that seem to keep me from this blog.

I promised myself a couple of weeks ago that I would write a post. Finally here it is.

In April I took on the role as Administrative Assistant at RWA (Romance Writers of Australia). Wow, I could hardly believe I could get this dream job and another with Design Stuff. Working from home with the collaborative, wonderful bunch of people at RWA has been amazing. I love that I get to help other writers live their dream, guiding them to an OWL (Online Writing Lab), which Facebook or Google group to join, how to become a member, what the membership provides and how to purchase tickets for the Melbourne Conference 2019 among other things – is a joy.

So you can see I have been busy but yes I am still writing. I am an author. The next book will be finished (eventually) and published for you to read. Bear with me.

At one of the events I was involved in this year Books by the Beach (Mooloolaba) I met lovely Ann-Maree Howarth. When she said she reviewed books I offered her a copy of The Zanzibar Moon. Here is her excellent review:

Ann-Maree Howarth’s Reviews >

The Zanzibar Moon

The Zanzibar Moon

Donna Munro (Goodreads Author)


Ann-Maree Howarth‘s review

May 31, 2019
really liked it
What an adventurest tale this book was from a heartbreaking New Year’s Eve to all the wonders of Africa. This has been the first paperback I have read in a while and I must say I really missed this form of reading. Donna Munro is a new author to me, an this is the very first book she has published. As an Australian, I really enjoyed the Australian lingo and quirks along the way. The flow of the story was good, it will hold your attention and keep you wanting to read and find out more. The author did also include a lot of African words and meaning to give you a very authentic feel to the story and you just might learn a few new words of African along the way. This kind of reading might be a bit of a distraction at first but stick with it the story will flow better after the author has given us a full description of Africa and the characters within it.
During this story will find our heroine travelling from her little suburban home in Australia to the dynamic country of Zanzibar where she is volunteering to find herself again. Alkina finds herself an empty nest and a too-time cheating husband at the start of a new year so she decided to fulfil her dream of going to Africa.
Dr Don Cloutier wanted Ali.
Kendwa wanted Ali.
Shaun wanted Ali.
Even Roger wanted Ali back.
Ali fell in love with the magic of Zanzibar and loved her job at the shelter helping the single mothers open up the old resort to support themselves and their children.
Will she find magic in the arms of another man? Could she just have a holiday romance and then return home to her children and friends? Or will this working holiday change her life forever?
“Maybe there is magic on Zanzibar after all.”
This book is full of wonder, magic, sadness, hope, regret, strength, sorrow, joy, love, chemistry, family, heartache, wildlife and most of all adventure that will fill you as you read. There was some part of the story I went really……but it was not my story to tell but the authors. It was a lovely change to the books I have been reading and I totally enjoyed this book even though I have had it sitting next to my bed for the last few months.description
Thank you Anne-Maree, you made my day when I read this review.
You can read more reviews at Anne-Maree’s blog Reading for the Love of Books.
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Readers are the most important people to help books sell

Hi to my wonderful readers,

Kendwa's Secret, books, romance

Thank you, thank you, thank you. As most of you know, Kendwa’s Secret has finally been released. Yes, the prequel to The Zanzibar Moon is now available. Your love of the series couldn’t make me happier. If you are still yet to buy a copy but have expressed interest, why not get a copy as a holiday read. If you miss these holidays Christmas is not that far away either.

Here’s a little teaser from chapter one:

     …After Abi left, the wrangler jibed Kendwa. “You surprised me mate. Didn’t think you had it in ya.” He lifted his hand for a high-five.
Kendwa left him hanging. “My business and hers. None of yours,” he said, his jaw tight, facing the wrangler with a steely gaze. “You need to treat women with dignity and respect.”

     The wrangler took a step back, raising his hands. I’ll be. The young guy had more integrity than most grown men. The wrangler wasn’t scared of crocs, snakes, cattle or most blokes, for that matter. He decided young Kendwa was someone he didn’t want to cross.

Sales are going well for the first week. Thanks to word of mouth sales from those who read The Zanzibar Moon, we are off to a terrific start. I’ve already had to purchase another batch of books from my printer. Thank you to those who were eager to pick up their books so quickly. Readers recommending a book to other people is the greatest form of flattery to an author. If you loved either book please recommend it to your family and friends. It is extremely gratifying when I find a reader who was previously unknown to me. For me, writing books is about readership, not money. I’m happy for the book to be shared around by the original person who bought it. And, if you would like to post a review, you can use my Contact page or post on Facebook.

Copies can be bought at www.warmwittywords, or via Amazon, Booktopia, Amazon UK and other outlets worldwide. As always locals can arrange for pick up or delivery of signed books.

Kendwa's Secret Book Launch

The book launch will be held Saturday, October 27th at Currumbin Eagles RLFC, Galleon Way, Currumbin Waters. 3pm-9pm. Nibbles provided. Drinks at bar prices. EFTPOS available. Please RSVP by 20th October.