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Gratitude equals abundance so be grateful every day

Gratitude equals abundance on day 144 and 145 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Day 144 I drove towards the east and the new moon surprised me. It was a sliver of a moon that looked like a bright smile in the black sky. If that doesn’t make you smile what will. It was like the moon was saying to everyone on Earth, you’ve had a rough trot but there’s still lots to smile about. The moon for one, the stars for two, the fresh Autumn air for three, the kookaburras laughing in the still black trees, the clearing fog for five; and so on and so on (it’s endless). I say happy morning.

Then in the afternoon my brother, Brad called in to work and dropped off my bookmarks. He and his partner, Viki at Inky Graphix kindly printed, celloglazed and hole-punched them for me for free. I am so grateful for their support in my publishing venture. If you ever need printing just give them a call.

The Zanzibar Moon bookmarks printed by Inky Graphix, Chinderah NSW

I’ve added my handmade tassels and they are now ready to send with any pre-orders.

Day 145 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Today I have approved the proof of The Zanzibar Moon, so now it’s officially a published book. I haven’t held it yet (that will be the most special moment) but it’s finalised and now available (it may take a few hours). My distributor will now have it available at various outlets like Booktopia, Fishpond, The Nile, James Bennett, ALS, Peter Pal and University Co-operative Bookshop (all in Australia and New Zealand) as well as Worldwide distributors such as Amazon. As soon as I have those links I’ll make them available.

I want to say a big thank you to all those people who have made production of The Zanzibar Moon possible. They include:

  • Bevil, Kris, Elise, Joel, Emily, Blake, Larabella and Kru (my family are my biggest support).
  • Mum and Dieter (Mum has never wavered in her belief of me as a writer).
  • Brad, Colleen, Hayley, Brent and family.
  • Karen, Darci, Wilson and family.
  • Angie and Doug (for insight into marketability of my cover and other advice).
  • Sue and John (for being awesome friends and holding my book launch).
  • Christine (for always encouraging me and being almost more excited than me about the upcoming launch).
  • Bec (for understanding my creative side because you have that too).
  • Kerry, Barb, Tracy, Leesa & Emily (for reading, quoting or editing).
  • Bruce and Sandra Rogers (who gave me the start at Zeus Publications so I could learn about the book publishing industry).
  • Marilyn and Clive (Marilyn showed me how to line edit to improve my editing ability, and ultimately improve my writing).
  • My Hammer Fit friends, who have kept up-to-date on the progress of my book and encouraged me throughout.
  • Every person who has pre-ordered or show interest in buying The Zanzibar Moon.
  • All the lovely people who re-post my posts and help me publicise The Zanzibar Moon  including; Donna, Leanne, Helen, Lana and everyone else.

There’s more like;

If I’ve forgotten anyone please let me know. I can always update this post and add you. My brain is a bit full of lots of ideas and plans so forgive me.




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How I could publish The Zanzibar Moon?

How I could publish The Zanzibar Moon?

(This has also appeared in the latest Bookish News).

People ask how I have the knowledge to publish a book. Some of them can’t comprehend writing a book, let alone publishing it too (even my hubby). I never had any doubt (okay tiny niggles, but doesn’t everyone when embarking on a dream?).

I knew I could take on the publishing of The Zanzibar Moon myself because of my experience. I have worked in publishing in various forms for the last couple of decades (now let’s not get into numbers or it will give my age away).

The Warm Hands of Fate, short story by Donna Munro
My first published (and paid) short story appeared in Woman’s Day – July 19, 1999

In my twenties (yep, before marriage and kids) I worked for Ellem Advertising in Port Macquarie. I was employed as the typesetter, but because they knew I loved to write they let me craft articles for most of their publications. Later they made me editor of the surf-lifestyle magazine ‘Wax ‘n’ Wind’. I absolutely adored that job (thank you Ellem family).
When I was married with kids I ran ‘Munro Graphics’ from home. I was contracted to produce many local publications, particularly magazines. (Do not ask Bevil about the un-namable ones). I understood the business of publishing (magazines and local journals) but not publishing books. I was in the printing industry for a long time and then moved to the administrative sector because of lack of work. I did become an all-rounder.
Then about 2007 I joined Zeus Publications as the book marketing/publicist. There I learnt the book publishing industry and I loved every minute. Owners Bruce and Sandra gave me the start to see the nuts and bolts of the industry and I relished my role creating Advanced Information Sheets, Press Releases, Author Websites, contacting the media, organising book launches and book signings. The editor Marilyn taught me the finer points of line editing, CIPs, ISBNs and dealing with libraries. The experience was invaluable, so I’m forever grateful to the team at Zeus.
The book publishing industry has changed in those ten years, until now, particularly with ebooks and audio books. I have researched further to be able to produce The Zanzibar Moon to the standard of traditional publishers. I hope you’ll find that I have succeeded, when you receive your copy of The Zanzibar Moon. I have gone for a format of 152x229mm (just over A5), with cream pages and matte cover. It will feel really nice in your hands. I’m sure, personally, I’ll want to stroke the cover (and probably kiss it). Thank you once again for your interest.

Warm Witty Words,