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Day 102 to 114 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Day 115 to 124 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Australians have the freedom to go about their lives in our beautiful country due to the sacrifices of the ANZACs. Each day of my 365 days of gratitude I am mindful of the fact that we have that freedom to feel safer than many people in most countries. We can go outside without the threat of war. We can run along a beach, through a park, around a city, in the bush; with the knowledge that we can do this in relative safety. In a world of uncertainty, we are lucky, indeed.

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Day 115 I am grateful for:

The ANZACs, because our country has freedom due to their sacrifices. Lest we forget.

Day 116 I am grateful for:

A morning of catching up with the bookwork, because if I didn’t it would be such a chore later on.

Day 117 I am grateful for:

A surprise visit from the in-laws, because they are getting older and we treasure every moment with them. They are in their late eighties and not in perfect health but they still drive over six hours to come and visit their family because they miss them. Unfortunately, because it’s a long weekend they did not have the best choice of where to stay and ended up with lots of stairs. Just imagine those poor old hips and knees negotiating eight flights of stairs. It wasn’t ideal so we helped them out by getting them a meal and doing some shopping so they could avoid the stairs. They are amazing.

Day 118 I am grateful for:

It’s another short working week and Friday, because it’s so nice to feel like we’re greeting the weekend early. It’s also my nephew Wilson’s 18th Birthday. He started out as a premi bub and you’d never know it. We are proud of the strong, handsome young man he is. Happy Birthday Wilson and welcome to adulthood.

Day 119 I am grateful for:

Waking to have our oldest son home and sharing a coffee with us, because we always miss our family (but they will be all coming back tomorrow, except Joel and Emily).

Day 120 I am grateful for:

Family, because there’s nothing like the jokes we all share (that no-one else gets), the love that abounds and the closeness. Seeing the emotion in the great-grandparents’ faces are priceless.

Day 121 I am grateful for:

Another long weekend, because though catching up with work on Tuesday is a pain, an extra day off is always welcome.

Day 122 I am grateful for:

A wet nose on my cheek to wake me up, because though I’m usually up early, if I’m not up by six-thirty Mahli will wake me up. I love my dog.

Day 123 I am grateful for:

Boxing morning and I can see a bright sky in the dark sky that is turning light as the sun rises, because stars are amazing and mesmerising.

Day 124 I am grateful for:

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), because pushing myself will only make me stronger. Thank you Angelina for your encouragement. I tried the 38kg farmers carries up and down the stairs but had to go back to the 24kg. Wow that was tough but fun.

Is there something you are grateful for today?

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Grateful to be an Aussie today and every day

Happy Australia Day to all Aussies new and old.

Australia Day Flag
Grateful and proud to be an Aussie today and every day.

Yes, that includes newly born, or newly arrived – refugee, immigrants, and those who are born on this great island land.

There’s plenty of reason to be celebrating today (though perhaps the weather isn’t one of them – come on Sunshine!). Here’s my favourites:

  • We have freedom and no war torn land. (Particularly our new Syrian refugees I hope you are enjoying this bit the most).
  • We have white sandy beaches that we can run our bare feet through towards a salty blue ocean.
  • We have a total of 220 sunny days a year (and yes we always hope the farmers receive enough rain).
  • We have the opportunity to learn and stay at school (far longer than many developing countries children).
  • We have good, and often free, health care compared to most countries overseas (and well-trained health staff).
  • We have a sense of humour that is uniquely ours (and I hope we keep it despite so-called political correctness).
  • We have comradeship that’s true blue (as shown by ‘Anzac Day‘, ‘The Mud Army‘, ‘Hay Runs‘, ‘Victorian Bushfires‘ and so many more).
  • We have unlimited choices in sport and sportsmanship (even those who don’t play sport at lease read and support a sport) (mine is CrossFit).
  • We have paths, parks, beaches, schools, walkways, pools, gyms, lookouts, mountains and plenty of other places to stay fit and healthy or just chill and enjoy our country.
  • We have the freedom to write a blog, a letter to the editor, a social media post – without our government shutting it down (as is the case in some countries overseas).
  • Women are equal (okay we are getting there with pay scale and women’s sports coverage, and due to people like Rosie Batty equality and fairness in each Australian home). At least we have a voice and one that is getting stronger.
  • We can live comfortably (even some of our poorest who are helped by our government) compared to many counties overseas.
  • We mostly choose to be givers not takers. (It’s a fact that Australians are a generous bunch, regularly volunteering or donating to charity).
  • We have untouched places – waterfalls, canyons, inland lakes, rainforests and the fl0ra and fauna living in their abundance.
  • We have a Defence Force that is just that defence not attack. A well trained force we can be proud of and lets include our police, ambulance fire and all other frontline workers. We thank you today and every day.
  • We have cultural diversity, but keep our uniqueness of our colloquial voice and our sense of humour.

Most of all we are raised in a land of:




Perfection (perfect imperfections that is)






Which should lead us all to happiness.

On top of that we have diversity, abundance, hope, compassion, kindness, respect and we have the power to do anything and be anyone because we are Australian.