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Readers are the most important people to help books sell

Hi to my wonderful readers,

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Thank you, thank you, thank you. As most of you know, Kendwa’s Secret has finally been released. Yes, the prequel to The Zanzibar Moon is now available. Your love of the series couldn’t make me happier. If you are still yet to buy a copy but have expressed interest, why not get a copy as a holiday read. If you miss these holidays Christmas is not that far away either.

Here’s a little teaser from chapter one:

     …After Abi left, the wrangler jibed Kendwa. “You surprised me mate. Didn’t think you had it in ya.” He lifted his hand for a high-five.
Kendwa left him hanging. “My business and hers. None of yours,” he said, his jaw tight, facing the wrangler with a steely gaze. “You need to treat women with dignity and respect.”

     The wrangler took a step back, raising his hands. I’ll be. The young guy had more integrity than most grown men. The wrangler wasn’t scared of crocs, snakes, cattle or most blokes, for that matter. He decided young Kendwa was someone he didn’t want to cross.

Sales are going well for the first week. Thanks to word of mouth sales from those who read The Zanzibar Moon, we are off to a terrific start. I’ve already had to purchase another batch of books from my printer. Thank you to those who were eager to pick up their books so quickly. Readers recommending a book to other people is the greatest form of flattery to an author. If you loved either book please recommend it to your family and friends. It is extremely gratifying when I find a reader who was previously unknown to me. For me, writing books is about readership, not money. I’m happy for the book to be shared around by the original person who bought it. And, if you would like to post a review, you can use my Contact page or post on Facebook.

Copies can be bought at www.warmwittywords, or via Amazon, Booktopia, Amazon UK and other outlets worldwide. As always locals can arrange for pick up or delivery of signed books.

Kendwa's Secret Book Launch

The book launch will be held Saturday, October 27th at Currumbin Eagles RLFC, Galleon Way, Currumbin Waters. 3pm-9pm. Nibbles provided. Drinks at bar prices. EFTPOS available. Please RSVP by 20th October.

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Five Star Book Reviews – The Zanzibar Moon

Five Star Book Reviews – The Zanzibar Moon

The Zanzibar Moon is receiving 5 Star Book Reviews and testimonials. This is what readers are saying:

The Zanzibar Moon by Donna Munro

“LOVED IT!!! The Zanzibar Moon takes you on a journey from the familiarity of the Gold Coast to an exotic world far away. You never know what lies ahead or what’s right in front of you! Congratulations Donna on a fabulous novel. Today I thought- today is the day I’m going to sit down and read I couple of chapters in the sun. I was up to chapter 13 and was beginning to think I’d never finish the book (too many interruptions). 21 chapters later and I’ve gone through a roller coaster of emotions today. I’ve laughed, cried, empathised, cried again – seriously Donna, I normally don’t cry that much!!! I was so invested in these characters. Congratulations on a fabulous book. I can’t wait to tell all my friends and family about the journey it took me on. Now I have to get back to reality and cook dinner. Again well done – I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!” – Paige Burrage (club secretary)

“Congratulations Donna Munro on Zanzibar Moon. A great read, I could imagine being in Zanzibar, the sites and aromas. It certainly tested the emotions, tears of sadness, smiles and wonder. Well done. Can’t wait for the next book.” – Leanne Gordon (school teacher)

“Just finished reading The Zanzibar Moon what a great story. Well done Donna Munro!” – Sandra Rogers (author, screenwriter and publisher)

“You actually have a lot of content in the book and the story line is an interesting “Chick Lit” and reminded me of Janet Evanovich series a lot. The mix of dialogue and locations made the book move and the way that the character travelled allowed you to explore lots of options for material. I could tell you had written it – it really came from your soul and your experiences/loves. There is a real mix of chick lit, travel, suspense and tear jerking.” – Angela Szpojda (owner of 360 Degree Wellness)

“I loved it. I really felt like I was walking the narrow lanes of Zanzibar and that I was taken on an African safari. It was a unique and beautifully written story. I haven’t read anything like it.” – Valerie Ibbotson (retired)

“I finished reading The Zanzibar Moon and absolutely loved it, Donna. I didn’t predict the ending either. It’s exotic, funny and full of adventure. It’s also inspired me to go to Zanzibar one day.” – Leesa Bennett (volunteer teacher abroad)

“I am really impressed by the book, you have really done your homework and if I did not l know any better I would have sworn that you have lived in Africa for a period of time.  You have captured life here so well with the chaos, the beauty, the nature, even down to the sometimes not so pleasant aromas (haha).   The story line is great and the characters are interesting.  I also like how you have put the relevant chapters in the first tense for Alkina and Dr Don.  It lets you get closer to the character I think.  I showed some of the Swahili to my colleague and as far as she could tell you were spot on.” – Kerry Zillner (UN worker in Africa)


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