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Reviews are word-of-mouth that potential readers can rely on.

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If you loved Kendwa’s Secret or The Zanzibar Moon, please post a review on Facebook Review. All reviews are then posted to this website. Readers reviews can do to help authors sell more books. Reviews are word-of-mouth that potential readers can rely on. Tell everyone you know about the books you love. It’s the way authors can fund follow-up books. Without reviews to build sales, that book you’re waiting to read, may never happen. Support your favourite authors.

…and thank you in advance.



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The Hard Truth About Publishing – repost

Here’s a terrific post on ‘the reality of the book publishing industry’. I love the honesty (or brutal truth). It’s true for the American market but for the Australian market; the reality is that a bestseller only sells about 5,000 books. Plenty of authors sell under that, unless they market themselves well. That tells you the hard work I’ll have to do through the year before the launch of my book.

This is a good read for writers and readers The Hard Truth About Publishing¬†from Kristen Lamb’s blog. This blog is award winning and has lots of publishing and writing tips. It’s also a fun read, full of wit, which of course I like. I hope you enjoy it.