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Inspiration comes in many forms

I was inspiring myself to exercise more and thought I’d change my routine. I drove to Tallebudgera Beach, parked the car and decided to do the national park walk over to Burleigh and along Burleigh Beach.

How could I forget how beautiful this walk is?

View from the national park walkway around Burleigh Headland - spectacular!


The walk isn’t challenging, though there is a gradual incline. To the right you can see the Tallebudgera Creek inlet where the water sparkles like diamonds and the sand is white and inviting, even on a chilly winter day. There’s a unslightly barge wrecking the view but I guess that will make the bar crossing safer for the may boats that come and go.

As I walk around the bend and look down at the rocks and incoming waves I marvel at how clean the water is, how bright the sky is and at the rainforest around me. It’s heavenly. The dank smell mixed with the salt air reminds me of years ago walking through the Shelley Beach rainforests (Port Maquarie) and so do the bush turkeys who forage¬†for food and rustle leaves sometimes scaring the walkers.

I get closer to Burleigh and the sun is in that perfect place (not too high and not too low, just before mid-day) it casts a sparkling glow over the dark-blue water as surfers vie for the next breaking wave and pandanus frame the picture. I only have my iphone so my photography doesn’t capture just how beautiful the day is. An SLR camera would have been perfect but I have to make do.

This walk started out as a fitness outing and turned into a mind-altering experience. Nature is peaceful, reflecting and awesome in its power. I wouldn’t call myself a greeny¬†but I care and this walk reminded me just how much. We need these places to always be here in their natural form. I’m going to ponder on what I can do about it. So I’ll keep you posted. In the meanwhile – enjoy the view.

How can we not be inspired by this?


Footnote: I walked the steep-incline (top) walk going back home around the national park – so I guess I was still thinking about my fitness to. What a pleasant way to work out!