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Social Media Shortcuts for the time poor

I’m not the only one who is time poor. Surely you are too, especially if you’re promoting your business on social media. It’s a time-consuming process. Unless of course, you’re one of the lucky few who can afford to employ someone to schedule and post all your social media. If you have a huge marketing budget kudos to you. I wish!

For a writer, it’s time better spent writing. Well, that’s not entirely true because if an author doesn’t self promote readers can’t find them. You need to allocate some time (at least weekly) to the task. This leads me to regularly look for new ways to shorten the process but still provide quality, engaging posts that connect with readers.

I found some that I thought I should share (I’ll update you further when I find more). Given that most people have a short reading span online, here’s four:

Regrammer (an app that allows you to repost other Instagram posts) (to shorten long URLs to use on Twitter or others that use limited word count)

CoPromote (relaunching Jan 2019 is a cross-promoting platform)

Canva (to create awesome, eye-catching, easy visuals and words for Instagram posts, etc.)

pile of books. Books, weekends

Example of artwork from Canva.

Have fun with these and I’ll add more interesting apps and websites soon. Enjoy posting!