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Brain strain and no physical pain

Wow, what a few weeks I’ve had.

Taking on a graphic arts contract when I haven’t really been in the business for nearly a decade was a daunting task. Technology moves so fast and I had moments of doubt whether I could keep up. You’ll be pleased to know I did. I feel a sense of accomplishment as I handled every day, pushing deadlines, dealing with customers who don’t know what they want until they see the artwork that they ‘don’t want’, keeping creative and trying to figure out a program similar to what I was used to (Freehand). It was Corel Draw and some things are the same but others have alternate names or the tabs and toolbars weren’t where I expected them to be. Just figuring these out was like discovering a new language in a foreign country. Anyhoot it’s done and I’m back to two days here and two days there and many more days at this keyboard getting some sort of writing done.

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed and sorry that through this months the posts have been seldom. Don’t worry it’s all back on track. Thanks also to anyone who has purchased Dad Love It’s going well so far but I’d love some testimonials so please just post a comment on the Dad Love page.

Due to all this work, work, work I’ve had little time to play. Play to me is usually exercise. Strolling with my dog (she sniffs things so much I could hardly call it power walking), beach walks and strides up and down Burleigh National Park. That’s next – back into a routine of exercise and good eating. I’m sure it fuels the brain and avoids the brain strain I was sure I’d be enduring this month. My brain is fine but really I want some physical pain. I want the sting of tight sore calves and I want to be out of breath so my heart rate is elevated just enough to know I’m making progress.

Here’s a nice place to pass while I’m getting fit again:

A beautiful and inspirational place, Talle Creek.

After a bit of exercise I’ll be back into writing mode again. Two articles to do and a novel to start. Wish me luck!