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Stop painting and PAINT!

Stop painting and paint, is what I told myself.

Which meant I was at the point where my creativity with painting furniture was probably leading me to an artier pursuit. It wasn’t like I hadn’t pondered giving painting on canvas a go, because I did (once) quickly paint an elephant in front of a sun to fill a space on my wall (very rushed and very – well not-so artistic). What lead to the moment I wanted to paint was a bit like writing, a need to express myself creatively.

I waited at the beach one afternoon, more waiting to watch the moon rise (full bulbous moon) than see the sun set. On the long wa

Full moon over Currumbin Beach July 2016
Full moon over Currumbin Beach July 2016

it for the moon to rise over a cloudy sea my eyes were drawn west to a brilliant sunset, that from my vantage point looked unlike most I see peering over rooftops to mountains from my house. To face west from the beach at Currumbin you look from the Alley up Currumbin Creek towards the mountains. This view gave me a perfect photo with the lifesaver tower silhouetted in the foreground and the sun sitting between it’s tower legs. The colours bubbled through streams of clouds across a still blue sky. I looked at the sky and thought, take the photo, then, wow wouldn’t that make a beautiful painting. If only I could paint.


The moon rise was a disappointment. I still got a few photos but not as spectacular as I’d hoped. The moon (I’m ruled by it because I’m the star sign Cancer, which also happens to be a water sign) was never exposed in full through the thick horizon clouds. I’ll have to get the camera out again on the next full moon which will occur 18th August (just in case you want to see it too).

I have to thank my

Sunset facing west up Currumbin Alley before the full moon rose. July 2016

mum (herself a fine artist) for further encouraging me to try my first (official) canvas painting. We were having a catch-up and walked through a framing gallery admiring the artwork. I mentioned, I thought I might take up painting one day. She then decided we would go to the dollar shop and look at the art supplies. Soon after I was heading home with Mum’s gift of large canvas, brushes, pallet and paints. Find out what I do with them next.


Motto: Don’t be afraid to try something new. You just might love it.

Full Moon with cloudy sky 2016 July.
Full Moon with cloudy sky 2016 July.


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Poppies for Anzac Day Currumbin Beach

Thousands of poppies flow from the top of Elephant Rock, Currumbin, like (sadly) a river of blood. They represent soldiers lost during Gallipoli where they fought, often with fields of poppies nearby. Each poppy attached to the shark net over the rock has been handmade by local school children using recycled materials. This artistic display will feature on Saturday morning when we rise early for a very special Anzac Day ceremony one hundred years on from that first landing in Gallipoli.

Dad's 78th Birthday 021


I’ll be posting photos from the dawn service in the following weeks. If you have a chance to get down to the Currumbin Service you’ll find details at:

Currumbin RSL Anzac Day 2015 I’ve been attending for years and there is no more moving, emotional, inspirational service than the one at Currumbin.