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Dear Dad I wish you were still here

Dear Dad,

I wish you were still here. I know it’s been a long time (30 years in fact) but I still miss you almost every day. As I do most years, I took a flower to the beach and thought of you. This year I drew a heart and 80 and placed the hibiscus in the middle. It is after all your 80th Birthday today. It’s such a shame you couldn’t have shared the spectacular sunrise with me. It’s even more of a disappointment that you didn’t get to wake to any of the sunrises of the last 30 years. Today’s was particularly beautiful, as if nature had painted me a perfect picture to remind me that you’re still here in some way.

I guess it’s okay that you may sometimes return as a sunrise, rainbow, an owl, a song that skips (like an old record) or just a wisp of my hair (I’m sure you’re touching me). But let’s face it I’d rather you were physically here. I miss your arms around me and that smell of you that is only you, male musky and a hint of cigarettes. I wonder what you’d be like at 80 years old. A handsome old man with grey-blue eyes shining through an aging face, filled with laughter lines. I’d like to think that the laughter could have returned to you.

Currumbin Alley, Gold Coast

You would have been a wonderful grandfather and great-grandfather. You denied yourself that privilege but you also denied the kids. Just imagine the richness of them having you in their lives. You would have been the grandfather with lots of patience and words that may have been few, but always wise and kind. The hugs you would have received from them all would have cheered you right through old age. I know that didn’t happen. I wish it had of.

Sunrise Currumbin Beach, Qld, Australia
Sunrise at Currumbin Beach 18th April 2017.

I’m now three years older than when you left. Imagine me older than you. It’s weird. It’s also odd to be thinking that you’ve been gone for so long, but sometimes you still feel so vivid to me. This morning at the beach I pictured your smile exactly how it was. When I got home I pulled the photo from my wallet and scanned it for this post. You’re squinting a little but you look happy and I like that. I just imagine you happy. So Happy 80th Birthday Dad. I love you so much.

Sunrise Currumbin Beach, Qld, Australia

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Dad Love for Father’s Day and every day

‘Dad Love’ was released on Smashwords. If you didn’t buy one for Father’s Day it’s still a great gift any time of year.

‘Dad Love’ is a non-fiction book about family releationships hat uses quotes, poems and memories by everyday people as well as celebrities, to help us better understand the love we have of our fathers. I am proud to have published this book and though it’s no great literary revelation it is a unique and poignant book that will appeal to anyone.

Thank you to those who contributed. I would have liked to include more quotes from real people but time was running out. I believe it’s a nice collection of quotes of memories, feelings, love, wonder and admiration for dads. I’ve also explained why we love our dads so much and included dads from history and now as well as quotes from celebrities as well as average Australians. I hope you enjoy it.


The cover of Dad Love by Donna Stafford-Munro

‘Dad Love’

by Donna Stafford-Munro

ISBN: 978-1-4661-3461-4

Publisher: Smashwords, Inc.

Buy it for only $2.00

at Smashwords where it is available for download in all formats.