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Day 38 to 46 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Day 38 to 46 of 365 Days of Gratitude

I’ve missed days of writing the 365 Days of Gratitude. It’s not because I didn’t find any gratefulness, it’s because I’m writing other things (and thinking, scratching my head and searching the web). After a bit of procrastination my muse is back.

The writing included two writing competitions, two articles and the start of a new manuscript. In between that I managed to get through a few more chapters of the novel I am reading. It’s the historical novel by Australian author Mary-Rose MacCollIn Falling Snow‘. I’m towards the end of it and can’t wait to see what happens.

Oh, and I also finished a little flip book I’d created of some of these gratitude quotes (plus more). It’s a colourful little book to cheer you up or help you regain gratitude or motivation. It’s yours to read free.

Part One
Part One

Day 38 I am grateful for:

Mahli my dog, because she always has unbound joy when I return home (even if I’ve only ducked out the door to check the mail). Like doesn’t she remember that I was in the house a minute ago?

Day 39 I am grateful for:

It’s hump day, because Wednesdays are the middle of the week and we’re closer to a weekend.

Day 40 I am grateful for:

For the gecko clicking and chirping in my awning, because he/she reminds me that we share our homes with more than just people.

Day 41 I am grateful for:

Rest and recuperation, because I only have a tummy bug (nothing major), so I’m grateful for my overall health.

Day 42 I am grateful for:

My husband’s patience and kindness, because he showed our friend how to vacuum her pool with great humour and warmth.

Day 43 I am grateful for:

A small pool in a heat wave, because we missed the pools we’ve had and getting wet on a 38 degree day was all that mattered.

Day 44 I am grateful for:

The moon in a morning sky, because I could see it (waning gibbous) as I drove north-west and everything feels good when I can see the moon (I am the star-sign Cancer after all).

Day 45 I am grateful for:

My brain never giving up, because I had to reconfigure one computer to another which had crashed (ask me if I could have done this four years ago and I would have said, “No.”)

Day 46 I am grateful for:

A sleep in, because it wasn’t expected (like when you hit snooze and just shut your eyes and wake up two hours later) and I must have needed it, plus I had some pleasant dreams.

Did you enjoy nice dreams? Are you following through on them?

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Happy Birthday to my two best friends

Two of my best friends share birthdays today. Sadly, one of them is no longer with us. My dear dog, Boss would have turned ten today. She nearly made it and we could have tried for that benchmark, but it would have been cruel.

Nearly 10-year-old Boss.
Nearly 10-year-old Boss.

It’s weird without her. I wake up most days and look down beside the bed where she used to lay. I come from home from work and am greeted by Mahli and it always hits me that Boss isn’t there to lick my legs and wag her tail.

I have to tell you, Boss, whatever dimension you’re in, that you brought me great joy and comfort. Your unconditional love and loyalty, you’re happiness at the minor things (bones, visits, water, pats), the way you cared for Mahli, the way you’d follow me around the house, the delight you gave Blake and all the tiny things that made you the wonderful dog you were – I appreciate. I’m greatful I shared your full life, and though we have Mahli, you know there will never be another dog like you.

Happy 10th Birthday Boss.

And to my other best friend, Sue Ashby. I wish, on this very special 50th Birthday all the joy and happiness you deserve. I want you to look after yourself and spend more ME time. Your boys are old enough now for you to take a bit of your time back. They really won’t mind because they know you how important it is for you to be happy, healthy and chilled. You’ve had a tough year and things can only get better from here. I wish for you wonderful times of boundless joyfulness and things that make YOU blissful.

Chris, Leanne, Bevil, Me, John and Sue, sharing a fun night out in Tallebudgera.
Chris, Leanne, Bevil, Me, John and Sue, sharing a fun night out in Tallebudgera.

Happy 50th Birthday Sue.