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365 Days of Gratitude and Writing

Every day of 2017 I’m hoping to share with your my gratitude and writing.

I believe that my happiness stems from a positive attitude (and possibly a little bit of luck, my mother is the eternal optimist). Even in adversity, if we look to something in our life that we are grateful for we can move forward, if not immediately, but eventually. My mum always taught me ‘there’s always someone worse off’, rather than ‘there’s always someone better off’. It’s a nicer way to feel about the ups and downs of life.


I’ve missed the first nine days. Instead I begin with the first ten of my 365 days of gratitude and writing. I’m grateful for/that:

  1. My Uncle Ken will be okay after a nasty fall on New Year’s Eve, because I love his warm bear hugs.
  2. A happy, healthy, growing family including Larabella and Kru, because of tiny arms for hugs, sweet button lips for kisses and smiles that melt your heart.
  3. My husband, Bevil’s unconditional love (through all my crazy writing episodes), because he is my best friend.
  4. Mahli and her eagerness to meet me at the door (even though she scratches me), because there is nothing like the uncomplicated loyalty and companionship of a dog.
  5. The fragrant freshness of rain on mown grass, because it reminds me of so many wonderful hot summer days.
  6. The last Lindt chocolate in the box is white chocolate, because it’s a favourite treat that melts in your mouth.
  7. The anticipation of a year of growth and change, because we can manifest our dreams into reality.
  8. A wonderful friendship with a fellow author and writing mentor, because sometimes writing can be lonely.
  9. I have a fulfilling job that I enjoy, because it gives me creativity, usefulness and security.
  10. That my publishing journey has begun again, because I’ve backed my ability and taken those first steps.

What are you grateful for?

Maybe you’d like to share your own 365 days of gratitude. It can be as small as, sun shining on your laundry so it finally dries, or it can be as big as, learning how to walk after an accident that took your mobility. Tell me in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

If you don’t know how to go about being more grateful here’s a meditation and affirmation video from Fresh Affirmations, enjoy:


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Be resolute on your New Year’s Resolutions

NY EVE 2014 036

2015 is here and what did we learn from last year? The most important thing I learnt is that time flies and we need to make the most of every moment in case there are no more. Most of us make New Year’s Resolutions and I guess they are a good way of looking forward to the New Year with goals and direction. Unfortunately most people don’t keep their resolutions and they’ll make them over again and again.  They say, “I want to quit smoking” but make no effort in giving up the smokes. No patches, no chewing gum, even no cold turkey, just keep on chuffing away. Then there’s the people who say I’ll lose weight but months after the New Year starts they are still eating badly and haven’t started exercising.

NY EVE 2014 028

Why do people do this? Are they only reciting a resolution because, that’s just what you do on New Year’s Eve? I must admit I like resolutions and I admit I haven’t stuck to all of mine but I give them some effort. I guess that’s all resolutions really need is the effort and willpower to see them through. So if you made a resolution I hope you work hard at it and fulfil it, otherwise it’s like those moments in time that have past. We can never reclaim them back. Well, we sort of can if we blog about them.

Wishing you all a fabulous 2015, full of health, love, smiles, happiness, accomplishments, milestones and dreams fulfilled.

My resolution: write more often and engage with my readers.What’s yours?

How about entering the Umoja Writing Competition 2015?