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Believe in your happiness and it will come

It’s not always easy to remain happy,

When the world’s disasters are on the news.

We can tune then out or think of others,

We have sympathy for others’ views.

If you’re suffering and sad,

Please remember it will pass,

It isn’t even about finding,

Someone else’s greener grass.

Just envision your happiness dream,

Believe that it will be.

Soon, very soon reality is near,

One day you will be happy.

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This makes me happy. A sunny day, good book and the beach.

I don’t write poetry very often anymore but thought I’d post a poem today.

What do you think of it? Do you write poetry too?

If you prefer short stories why not enter Umoja Writing Competition. A competition where they entry fees go to Umoja Orphanage Kenya Project fundraising. A fun competition and a truly worthy cause to help other people find their happiness.



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Be grateful for what you have

Thank you for all your support about Boss. I’m feeling much happier and feel my decision was right for her. Now I look at Mahli and feel grateful we have her, or things would have been a lot harder. It’s been a draining time so now I look forward again. I’ve given myself a list to make me grateful. Here it is, I’m grateful I have:

  • Mahli to remind us of Boss
  • Wonderful neighbours who don’t even mind Mahli’s barking
  • Live in a beautiful country with democracy and no war
  • Live in a fabulous place near beaches and bush
  • Terrific sons, who are each unique and wonderful
  • A husband who loves me
  • Family nearby
  • Great friends
  • A rewarding and responsible job
  • Fitness and health
  • A nice roof over my head and all that I need
  • A camera
  • My eyes are still good enough to write and read
  • My friend Carol is getting better
  • My in-laws are still alive and supportive
  • My grand-daughter and her mum and dad are amazing and bring me much joy.
We should appreciate beauty like this and enjoy days like this. (Terranora, NSW 19.7.14)
We should appreciate beauty like this and enjoy days like this. (Terranora, NSW 19.7.14)

As you can see I have much to be grateful for (even more than listed), so I chose to find my happiness and appreciate what I do have, not what I don’t have. Of course there are things I think I want, eg. nicer furniture, own home, money enough not to worry, yes all that nearly everyone wants; but I’m not materialistic and I know being grateful for your blessings is more beneficial than wanting anything more. We really don’t NEED those other things, we just WANT them. We do, however, need our health and fitness to get through our lives and I think people take that for granted. You need to look after yourself before you can look after anyone else.

So, I begin again on my commitment to fitness and health. I’ll eat better and trade one day of boot camp to running with Mahli instead. That way Mahli can stay healthy and happy long into her doggy life by my side.