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Day 94 to 101 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Day 94 to 101 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Another week of gratitude for the beauty of nature, the gift of life and the happiness of being.

Currumbin Beach, Queensland sunrise
Sunrise Currumbin Beach April 2017. Magic.

Day 94 I am grateful for:

Two black swans and their three baby cygnet gliding along the mirror shiny lake, because the parents are front and back protecting the young. They travel majestically like the royalty of the lake.

Day 95 I am grateful for:

A butterfly in my garden while I’m hanging washing on the line, because though it may rain, and the washing will probably get wet, one pretty butterfly makes me smile.

Day 96 I am grateful for:

Hundreds of white cockatoos flying overhead, because they make a raucous (though they sound happy), but the sight of the white flock overhead in a cyan blue sky, shows that there’s plenty of native bird life in the area. Nature at its best.

Day 97 I am grateful for:

The work shipment came in and we get to see some cute new pet products, because it makes the drama of importing from China worth the effort.

Day 98 I am grateful for:

Meeting up with a couple of great friends and their two awesome sons, because the conversations are easy and the company a breeze.

Day 99 I am grateful for:

It’s my husband’s birthday, because celebrating him turning 55 makes us realise how many wonderful years we have spent together.

Day 100 I am grateful for:

Another motivating kick fit session with my favourite team of women, because there’s nothing better than encouragement and support to keep you going to a fitness class. Also I don’t mind smashing the bag in a round kick (extremely satisfying).

Day 101 I am grateful for:

Waking early to first see the full moon setting in the west and then drive to the beach and see the rising sun in the east, because the subtle golden morning light is spectacular and beautiful in equal measures.

Make gratitude a part of your day, every day.

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Day 88 to 93 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Day 88 to 93 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Here we go with another five days of gratitude for 2017.

Rainbow magic

Day 88 I am grateful for:

The morning kiss from my husband even if I’m asleep, because he gets up and hour before me to go to work and always kisses me goodbye.

Day 89 I am grateful for:

Receiving an email to tell me my chapter is published, because I collaborated with writers from around the world through Lovely Silks Publishing. Even better; they made me the featured writer with a photo and my chapter as a sample on the front page of their website. My chapter is called: Missed the Boom in Baby Boomer and the book is Having it all at Fifty Plus Innovation Edition.

Day 90 I am grateful for:

I received a phone call from my son in Canberra, because he asked me to draft an article for him for the Air Force magazine about his CrossFit journey.

Day 91 I am grateful for:

The weather clearing and being luckily untouched by the flooding, because so many people have lost so much and have to start again. It’s heartbreaking for them.

Day 92 I am grateful for:

Almost a whole day of editing and writing, because I’m loving how The Zanzibar Moon is turning out. I’m rereading and falling in love with my characters all over again. Some more than others.

Day 93 I am grateful for:

The rainbow over my house this morning when I arrived home from Hammer Fit’s Kick Fit, because rainbows make me smile at what nature can show us. It’s like magic in the sky.

Be grateful for whatever you have, as we’re recently seen from the cyclone and floods that things can change in an instant. Sending good vibes to all those effected.