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Inspiration from a photo of a Kookaburra

Inspiration comes from all aspects of life. I find it on waking and seeing the sun rise and the softness of the shadows on the water. I find it watching people and wondering about their story. I find it in news reports, social media, magazines, nature and magical moments that just scream at me, “Now there’s a great story idea”.

How do you get inspired?

To inspire you today, be it in your writing endeavours, career, self-help, fitness, diet or whatever I’ve posted this photo. If you want to write – what is the kookaburra’s story? If you need inspiration to build your career – what could this kookaburra teach you about perseverance? If you’re feeling depressed does this beautiful bird of prey make you smile? If you need to get your fitness moving you’ll see more wildlife, like this kookaburra if you get outside and exercise in nature. If you’re diet needs inspiration, think of the kookaburra and how much protein it eats.

Kookaburra on my clothesline Feb 2015
Kookaburra on my clothesline Feb 2015

There you go, let that inspiration stay with you.