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Day 27 to 30 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Day 27 to 30 of 365 Days of Gratitude

The first month is almost over but the gratitude keeps coming. So far only good things have happened in 2017. I am wondering if it will be as easy to find gratitude if things weren’t going so well. 335 days to go to find out if I’ll still find beauty in days that aren’t so perfect. For now here’s four more days of positivity, happiness and of course, gratitude.

kookaburra laughter

Day 27 I am grateful for:

Having a great job to go to, because everyone else seems to have taken a sickie to have a long weekend (wouldn’t we all love the extra day?).

Day 28 I am grateful for:

Saturday, because I can sleep in (if I want to), I don’t have to think of work the next day and it’s my favourite day.

Day 29 I am grateful for:

My wonderful, kind, inspirational, beautiful, nurturing mum, because it’s her birthday today (I love her today and everyday) and am grateful that I’m lucky enough to be her daughter.

Day 30 I am grateful for:

The sound of Kookuburras, because their raucous laughter makes me happy.


What are you grateful for today?

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Day 23 to 26 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Day 23 to 26 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Wow, there is so much I’m grateful for in four days. I’m feeling very blessed so the gratitude comes easily at the moment.

The Zanzibar Moon by Donna Munro

Day 23 I am grateful for:

A sleep in (oops missed Kick Fit), because trying to stay awake to work with my book designer in the UK means less sleep.

Day 24 I am grateful for:

My morning kiss from the hubby, because whether I’m asleep or not he always gives me a kiss before he goes to work.

Day 25 I am grateful for:

My fantastic book designer Victoria (VicCovers on Fiverr), because The Zanzibar Moon book cover (above) is finalised and looks fantastic.

Day 26 I am grateful for:

Celebrating Australia Daybecause we are blessed to be living in this beautiful, peaceful country.

Australia Day Flag
Grateful and proud to be an Aussie today and every day.

I’ll be celebrating Australia Day at the launch of good friend Sandra L Rogers’ historical romance novel Cooyar. Being around like-minded authors and writers is always fun and inspirational. After that we head to a barbie with some good friends overlooking the water. That’s going top off what will be a wonderful Australia Day celebration.

Happy Australia Day to you all.