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Time is short don’t put it off – love now

Time is too short. Don’t put anything off. I’ve realised it more and more as beautiful people leave our world. Sometimes I can’t fathom why it happens. Why are young people like Matt and Aki, only 15 at the time, taken too soon? They had so much life left in them, so much potential and so much love flowing for them so many years later.


My own dad was only 50 and for the 27 years since his tragic death I’ve grieved him. When my sons have hit milestones I’ve wanted him to see them and be the granddad to cheer them on. When I needed the unconditional love of a father I reached for my mother, who is still here, but it’s not the same as dad’s bear hugs and hairy chest and that musty smell that he had all to himself.

It was brought home to me when my son (away in the Airforce) rang me. As soon as I heard the first note of his voice I knew he was hurting – I knew he was more upset than I’ve ever heard. I immediately thought of his best mate and my chest was heavy and my head nauseous as I listened to my now crying son. Was he dead? I was right (in a way) but it wasn’t the young man at the peak of his potential and doing his family proud in the ADF, it was about his father. Suddenly his dad was dead.

I’d only recently met him and his lovely wife when we celebrated our boys proud graduation. Not overweight, reasonably healthy, just your ordinary guy. Gone like the click of fingers. Gone in a heartbeat. Gone before his family could understand and grieve. Why?

Then there’s my dear girl friend who has endured many friends dying from or fighting cancer. She’d been feeling not quite right and luckily had a check up, in what we hope is just at the right time. She has been diagnosed with bowel cancer. I swore when I found out and even stamped my foot, thinking it so unfair for this beautiful lady to have to fight this. Then again I thought if anyone can fight it she can. She will.

All this gets back to time is too short. Do what you dream before you have no time to dream. Take a step towards the wanted unknown before you can no longer walk. Hugs those you love and tell them you love them before those loved ones are whispered to through thin air.

So if you’ve dreamed of travelling, painting, singing or writing just go ahead and start.

For those who wish to write, not only can you help a good cause but you’ll be taking a step towards your dream, enter:

The Umoja Writing Competition for once you now have time because the competition has been extended so more potential writers have a chance of entering. My dream was always to write and I have further dreams as well. I choose today to follow them. I hope you do too.


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Father’s Day eBook

I’m putting together an eBook called Dad Love. I’d love you to email me (or just comment) a short description on why you love your dad. One to five sentences is fine as I only want short quotes for an easy-read booklet. Please include your name, occupation, age and permission for me to use the quote.