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Week One Writing Goals Fulfilled


  • Website updated 
  • Donna Munro Writer Official Website. Donna Munro Writer Official Website.
  • Manuscript submission documents complete 
  • Updated Social Media √
  • Set Writing Goals for next week, next month & next year 
  • Updated Umoja Writing Competition site with new logo 
  • Umoja Writing Competition 2015 logo
    Umoja Writing Competition 2015 logo
  • Started writing plan for next novel 
  • Began one last read-through of ‘Finding My Tarzan’ 
  • Finding My Tarzan sample book cover for potential published novel.
    Finding My Tarzan sample book cover for potential published novel.
  • Back Cover with Blurb etc.
  • Obviously, sample covers complete 


I’m enormously pleased that I can tick these writing accomplishments off in the first week of January. I’m grateful to the rain because I have extra writing motivation when the sun isn’t shining. If the sun is out I tend to get drawn outside to exercise or go to the beach, usually to read a book. So bring on more rain and I’ll be happy. I think my lawn is loving the rain too. I can just about see each grass seedling reaching up and smiling at the clouds. Of course a little bit of sun peaking through is fine too.

Back to writing. Let me know how your writing goals are progressing and if you have any tips to accomplish them.


  • I use Microsoft OneNote. I store all details of my novel characters, ideas, things I have to research, websites, contacts, goals, everything I need filed into OneNote. It’s brilliant and I recommend it to any writer to stay organised.
  • Keep a diary for things you want to write down when you aren’t at your computer. I have small notepads in my bag but use the Writer’s Digest Weekly Planner because it has tips, dates, musings, notes and goals.
  • Create a eye-catching, easy-to-use website. I use Wix for my website and WordPress for my blogs. I recommend both.
  • Build your networks so you’ll have ready readers for your books.

Happy writing, happy life!

Feel free to comment and if anyone is interested in reviewing ‘Finding My Tarzan’ so I have some blurbs (testimonials) for potential publishers, please contact me or go to my BOOKS page on the website to download synopsis, sample chapters etc.


Posted in Marketing books, Publishing, Writers, Writing tips

Motivation to write through reading

I haven’t blogged about my writing life in a while. I guess I’ve been too busy writing. The thing is though, the writing is still writing, blogging, articles, marketing and such, but to me my real writing in novels. I’ve placed my latest manuscript aside (after not being accepted by an agent). I needed time to pull it out again and make it fresh.

I purchased two books from Amazon. 2014 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market (including 121 pages of useful writing advice) an The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published. Every time I purchase new writing references it excites my writing. It’s like a personal trainer urging me on to train harder. I’ve made new notes about my manuscript and cut whole sections. It’s hard to self edit but it’s the most necessary factor to polishing your writing before submitting it. I’m now embarrassed that I submitted it already, when it really wasn’t ready yet.

My word of advice. Patience.

Do not send anything until it’s as perfect as possible. I’ll update you on my progress soon and possibly give you a teasing chapter.