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Don’t miss the beauty in front of you

I woke after a blissful sleep (a very overdue new pillow will do that) and the sun was shining. I stretched and found my neck was (for once) not aching. Waking with a smile has got to make you grateful. Then while sipping my morning coffee and considering posting the rest of my photos from Swell Sculpture Festival, I notice my beautiful¬†shrub out the front has bloomed. It only does this in spring/summer so it’s always special when it buds and the flowers come out. I was told it’s name (and have forgotten it) so if anyone out there knows what it is please remind me. In the meanwhile I’ll just enjoy it’s beauty.


It reminds me of, not only nature blooming, but people too. We shouldn’t just walk past without appreciating any kind of beauty, which of course is subjective. If someone has a new haircut, dress, shirt, healthy glow, or such say that you like it. If they’ve improved their health or bounced back from some life hurdle take notice and let them know you’ve noticed. You never know if that compliment will make their day. Smile more often and be kind to everyone you meet. Appreciate the beauty and don’t just walk past in your own little world. Engage in the world you are in.

Some things that make me smile:

  • Sun shining in the early morning (there’s nothing like that subtle soft light)
  • An elderly couple holding hands
  • A dog eagerly walking with their two-legged family
  • Colourful Lorikeets enjoying the native bottle brush
  • My niece doing something that makes her happy
  • Schoolchildren in whispered tones giggling at a secret joke
  • My granddaughter’s cheeky grin
  • The full moon in a still blue sky
  • A new flower in my garden

We should all pay more attention to the beauty around us. It can help alleviate a bad mood and make you appreciate the little things in life.

And a smile cost you nothing.

If you would like to try to be more grateful and train your mind to really see the beauty, you can try things like Calm (I’m enjoying this app) or Headspace¬†to train your mind for a healthier, happier life.