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Day 13 of a year of gratitude

Day 13 of a year of gratitude from Warm Witty Words.

It’s day thirteen and I rose early 4.40am to get ready for a HIIT session at Hammer Fit, Burleigh. As I drove over a hill facing east, the soft golden filtered light of the rising sun showered the scene in morning beauty. What a way to wake up!

morningDay 13 I am grateful for:

Soft-filtered morning light, because it reminds me of new beginnings every day and the beauty of nature.

What are you grateful for today? Please comment below and feel free to pass on the ‘gratitudes’ each day.

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Move it or lose it – time to start exercising

As I’ve said before MORNING IS THE BEST TIME OF THE DAY. So if you haven’t started that fitness regimen yet Spring is the time to begin, and mornings make the best of your motivation.

When the sun is in your bedroom window earlier (through spring compared to winter) you’ll wake earlier, so don’t just lie there, get up. Go! Yes, now, get your runners on (clothes optional but probably necessary) and get out in that early morning sunshine.

Don’t say, “I’ll do it in the afternoon.”

Will you? If you think that after a hard day’s work you’ll change your mind and just go home and lie on the lounge watching ‘Home and Away’, then you have to choose morning. If however you have the resolve of The Queen’s Guard, then you can chose any time of day. Wow, you’re amazing!

Apparently most people exercise more consistently in the morning. I like to think after my morning session, that I’ve done it now and can’t fail, but may even do an afternoon session as well. I do both sometimes, but I’ve found I love mornings more. There’s just something special about the subdued light, morning freshness and the start of another day. Another good thing is it gives your metabolism a boost and if you have breakfast soon after you return home (and include some protein) you’ll boost your metabolism even further. I can’t stress it more – eat breakfast. I used to be a yo-yo kind of girl and eating breakfast got me out of the feeling-hungry-all-day habit.

You can see my other morning posts for some inspiration but just to get you started here’s some things I’ve had the pleasure to observe either before or after boot camp:

Pandanus trees and beyond Tallebudgera Creek entrance.
Pandanus trees and beyond Tallebudgera Creek entrance.
A juvenile whale stranded at Palm Beach, later swam out to sea.
A juvenile whale stranded at Palm Beach, later swam out to sea.
Flowers in my garden.
Flowers in my garden.

That’s a nice start to the morning isn’t it?

Now just to finish things: do ten burpees and we’re finished.

(For a great fun place to get fit try Fusion Outdoor Fitness – Sharon is the absolute best trainer)