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Day 34 to 37 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Day 34 to 37 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Currumbin Creek, Gold Coast, Queensland Australia
Currumbin Creek at low tide midday – summertime fun.

Day 34 I am grateful for:

Friday, because it’s the start of the weekend.

Day 35 I am grateful for:

Friends who pass on furniture, because we now have a single bed for when the grandkids stay. It started out as Tiarne’s bed, then it was Conner’s and now ours. I’ve given it a beach-wash white paint job and with a mattress and doona it will be ready for the spare room/office.

Day 36 I am grateful for:

Being able to live near beautiful Currumbin Creek, because today I enjoyed reading a book, lying on the sand, swimming in the warm crystal clear water and taking in the breathtaking scenery (see photo above). When I looked up I could see the trail of a jet  as it streamed above me, cutting a path in the cyan-blue sky.

A jet streaming over Currumbin Creek leaving a white tail through the cyan-blue sky. Summer. Warm Witty Words
A jet streaming over Currumbin Creek leaving a white tail through the cyan-blue sky.

Day 37 I am grateful for:

Last night gloriously colourful sunset, because it’s like the sky had been painted and the half-moon rose from the east so day could turn to night.Sunsets to moonlight Warm Witty Words


Did you see that sunset? What are you grateful for today?

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Day 32 and 33 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Day 32 & 33 of 365 Days of Gratitude

A pinch and punch for the first day of the month, or so the saying goes. January has already gone and February (the shortest month of the year) is here. We’re still enduring a heat wave. I’ve got gratitude for air conditioning (thought that’s not my gratitude quote). I love hot summer days, so there’s nothing to complain about (as long as hot flashes don’t coincide with the heat).

I’m hitting some writing targets and moving forward with ‘The Zanzibar Moon’. The fact that January went so quickly, has made me realise that if I don’t stick to a schedule I could run out of time. There’s another reason for 365 Days of Gratitude. It keeps reminding me of other things that are important to my happiness. Day 32 didn’t go to plan and we had a couple of minor hiccups, but I found looking on the bright side really does get you through. Why not try it yourself when things aren’t going so great?

Writing tips, happiness,

Day 32 I am grateful for:

My wonderful in-laws Col and Grace, because they are always there when we need them with unconditional love and support. I am so lucky that I have a caring husband who has come from a family like mine, with similar values.

Day 33 I am grateful for:

Getting up early enough to get some writing done before I go to work, because writing makes me happy.

Did something go wrong with your day? How can you turn it around? What are you grateful for today?