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Don’t lose those brilliant story plot ideas

I came across this delightful cartoon. It got me thinking about how often a vivid idea surfaces (I’m sure I’ll remember no matter what) only for it to disappear when I need it. That twisting plot with a wonderful character can become a loose idea with a wilting, unlikeable character because your brain can’t find the inkling upon waking (or when you open your laptop or poise your pen). Unfortunately, if I don’t write it down I can (and often do) forget it.writers, cartoon, funny writing, forgetting ideas

Here are some tips to remember every fantastic idea you get:

  • Keep a notepad by the bed
  • Keep a notepad in your handbag
  • Keep a notepad on your desk
  • Keep a notepad in the kitchen
  • Keep a notepad on your phone
  • Keep a notepad in the bathroom
  • Keep a notepad everywhere (you get it don’t you?)
  • Voice record if you are incapable of writing on a notepad (eg. cartoon above)

Believe me, if you don’t write it, the idea may dissolve like early morning mist. Anyway, notepads are one of the fun writing tools. They come in all shapes, sizes, patterns, colours, formats, binding, shine, matte, bling, fabric and every writer loves them.

Go on. Get out there and find a new notepad. You won’t be sorry because your ideas will live.