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Be resolute on your New Year’s Resolutions

NY EVE 2014 036

2015 is here and what did we learn from last year? The most important thing I learnt is that time flies and we need to make the most of every moment in case there are no more. Most of us make New Year’s Resolutions and I guess they are a good way of looking forward to the New Year with goals and direction. Unfortunately most people don’t keep their resolutions and they’ll make them over again and again.  They say, “I want to quit smoking” but make no effort in giving up the smokes. No patches, no chewing gum, even no cold turkey, just keep on chuffing away. Then there’s the people who say I’ll lose weight but months after the New Year starts they are still eating badly and haven’t started exercising.

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Why do people do this? Are they only reciting a resolution because, that’s just what you do on New Year’s Eve? I must admit I like resolutions and I admit I haven’t stuck to all of mine but I give them some effort. I guess that’s all resolutions really need is the effort and willpower to see them through. So if you made a resolution I hope you work hard at it and fulfil it, otherwise it’s like those moments in time that have past. We can never reclaim them back. Well, we sort of can if we blog about them.

Wishing you all a fabulous 2015, full of health, love, smiles, happiness, accomplishments, milestones and dreams fulfilled.

My resolution: write more often and engage with my readers.What’s yours?

How about entering the Umoja Writing Competition 2015?

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Get ready for your New Year’s resolution to write

There are only 16 days left before you’ll be making another New Year’s resolution. I don’t mean the kind where you say you’ll give up cigarettes (again) and only last until the Easter break, or give up chocolate and then notice there’s still Ferrero Rocher  left over after Christmas and you can’t waste it. I mean a serious resolution as a writer.

Here are a few examples:

  • Finish my book-length manuscript.
  • Complete at least four articles a month.
  • Start an ideas book and use those ideas.
  • Research a non-fiction book and set a deadline for completion.
  • Establish a filing system that really works.
  • Buy a new computer.
  • Join a writers’ network.
  • Edit and re-write your manuscript and flesh out the characters.
  • Blog at least once a fortnight.
  • Redesign my website and market my writing better.
  • Find a new slant on an old idea more regularly.
  • Call myself a Writer.

While your defining your resolution there are other things you need to consider as you take on another year as a writer:

  • Give yourself limitations by setting realistic goals that will work in with the rest of your life.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself if you came to writing late. If you’re over 50 there’s still plenty of time to establish yourself. Don’t rush your writing.
  • Give yourself time to read. Writers need to be avid readers.
  • Don’t give up on publication. Just because you can’t get an agent or you’ve submitted to enough publishers to wallpaper your hall with rejection slips, doesn’t mean you should give up. Other alternatives are smaller publishers who can provide subsidy publishing and print on demand, or go it alone and self publish. Otherwise just keep sending the manuscript out until an acceptance slip arrives instead of a rejection slip.
  • Remember that not everyone will support you. Some may be more into Rugby League and Cricket, others may be jealous that you are doing something as creative as writing. Most will just not GET IT! If your family and friends support your quest – lucky you! If they don’t just become your own greatest fan and believe in yourself. You can also join a writers’ network and have like-minded people support you, such as Linked In.
  • Study writing, creativity, journalism, blogging, networking, marketing and anything else that will help you succeed as a writer.

Good luck and may your New Year‘s resolution actually be resolved.

My resolution is to revise my manuscript until I laugh, cry, empathise with and applaud my characters.