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Day 54 and 62 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Day 54 and 62 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Goodbye summer, summer time, warm witty wordsOooops! Do you ever have weeks that just slip by? That’s just happened to me and the reason I haven’t yet posted the latest days of gratitude. That’s eight days you’ll read about now.

Day 54 I am grateful for:

A flock of parrots flying overhead, because they are crazy raucous, but it’s wonderful to see so many happily flying in their flocks. They are like a colourful Spirograph moving across the cyan sky.

Day 55 I am grateful for:

It’s Friday, because it’s the start of the weekend (I need not say more).

Day 56 I am grateful for:

A day of reading in cool water in the shade, because this has been one hot, humid summer (not that I’m complaining because I love Summer).

Day 57 I am grateful for:

Music, because it changes moods, makes you reminisce, makes you sing and makes you smile.

Day 58 I am grateful for:

A morning of writing with my dog at my feet, because there’s nothing more comforting than the silent companionship of a dog.

Day 59 I am grateful for:

A cooler night’s sleep, because I have no hot flashes and the temperature has dropped. No fan, no aircon and a blissful dream-filled sleep.

Day 60 I am grateful for:

Boxing so hard my knuckles ache, because I know I’m hitting harder and getting stronger. (Yes, I even have bruises).

Day 61 I am grateful for:

Footy is back, because I’ve grown up with NRL and I think my team will win this year. Go the Roosters!

Day 62 I am grateful for:

The fresh smell of early morning, because it’s the start of a new day and some people don’t get to have a new day.

Have you been noting what you’re grateful for? Why not have a go at it? You can find one thing in a day, or one thing in a week, or one thing in a month.

You’ll find that you’ll discover more and more wonderful things that make you smile. You’ll feel happier, because the negativity is diminished  for positive thoughts. It’s not just a fun exercise to try it will truly change your life. Be grateful and enjoy your life more.

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A healthier me

A contemplated joining a gym this week as those extra kilos crept back on and my clothes got tighter than a vice. A flyer came in the mail from Onelife and it seemed like a good deal but I’d been down that road before and wasted the membership when I found out I’d rather be outside in the sunshine than in a room with other smelly, sweaty bodies (unless of course I’m in the Roosters dressing sheds and Daniel Conn is beside me –  but that’s another story).
Rather than pay for a gym membership I’ve decided to go it alone. I’ve done it before when I completed the 12-week Body Blitz challenge in Women’s Health and FitnessWomen’s Health and Fitness Magazine. I worked out with weights in our spare room and completed it with a major bout of the flu in the middle but still lost about six kilos and centimetres.
So I’m doing it again and know that other than being trained by my personal trainer son, Joel, it’s the best way for me to work out. Joel’s been too busy trying to build his business and working at other jobs so I’ll be rejoining his group class and at other times working out alone.
Motivated to start I went to K-mart and purchased a 55cm gym ball (pink), a gym mat (red) and bright green 1.5kg dumbells. I’ve set them up in the corner of the family room where I can see out in the garden and feel a little bit like I’m outside. I have my iphone music mixed with my favourite songs and I’m off.
I’ve learnt a lot from Joel about the changes in training. You have to mix it up so your muscles work. So I’ll do froggies first. That’s where  you sort of squat with your elbows between your knees and hands sort of praying (you will be by the end of 20 because of the pain) and bring your bum to your heals and up, heals and up – major ouch but worth it.
I’ll take a few laps of the back yard and then do crunches on my new gym mat (it’s so comfy I could take a nap – oops back to work). I’ll roll over and hold some planks. You can’t do crunches without planks or you back will weaken. You need to use your whole core.
I’ll do some curls with the weights as well as arm raises, punches etc. all three sets of ten. Then I’ll stretch my arms and do a few yoga stretches that I learn from Alison years ago (thanks Alison you were the best). To bad she moved to Murwillumbah.
Anyway rather than writing about it I’d better get to it. Wish me luck. And if I’m game you may see before and after photos.

You can check one of Joel’s fitness roles out at Zuu Revoluution.