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Day 73 and 78 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Day 73 and 78 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Writing is my biggest focus, particularly because of the imminent release of The Zanzibar Moon. I’ve begun creating Writing Tips I posted to my Author Facebook Page. You’ll see a sample below:

Writing Tip Warm Witty Words

It’s a fun way to enjoy the chore of book marketing. I’m looking forward to creating more. The reason I have an owl is because I believe my dad is reincarnated as one. Owls are wise and cute, so why not use an owl! You’ll also note the owl face in the sun logo of Warm Witty Words and Warm Witty Publishing.

Most people don’t realise the amount of branding and marketing that needs completing, before and after, a book release. With the final edits needed on the book, plus social media, press releases, blogging, submitting articles, writing short stories, reviewer databases and a myriad of other tasks (not to mention a full-time job), I need to stay on top of things complete everything.

I keep an excel spreadsheet of the time frames for completing each task, plus a journal to scribble ideas in (and I mean scribble as sometimes I can’t even read what I’ve written). It seems daunting because June isn’t that far away. Other times it’s exhilarating that it’s getting that close. I keep telling myself that I have been fortunate to work in the various workplaces that gave me the knowledge to self publish successfully.

Plenty of writers come from backgrounds that don’t include the invaluable things I have learned. The jobs that helped me become a self-published author are:

  • Graphic Artist
  • Desktop Publisher
  • Freelance Writer
  • Office Administrator (yep, you do have to stay organised)
  • Editor (though I must admit that I wasn’t very good at that)
  • Book Marketer and Publicist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Branding (branding myself is a little weird)
  • Reader (all good writers should be avid readers)
  • Prawn Trawler Cook (“Nothing to do with publishing,” you say. “It’s about the adventure,” I reply.)

If any of the above apply to you, and you want to write a book, you can. If you want any advice just contact me. I’ll be putting together a non-fiction book about the process (sometime after The Zanzibar Moon comes out).

Day 73 I am grateful for:

Mahli my dog, because she licks me in the face if I haven’t woken up by 6.30am. It’s a greeting like she’s missed me all night while she’s been asleep.

Day 74 I am grateful for:

Being woken at 3.30am by my husband, because I had lots more time to get things done (emails, editing, marketing, writing) before going to work at 8.30am.

Day 75 I am grateful for:

A wonderful friend who has edited The Zanzibar Moon, because without my wonderful editors and readers I could not produce a book to be proud of.

Day 76 I am grateful for:

Another bit of progress in my life as a writer, because writers are insecure and need progress to reassure them.

Day 77 I am grateful for:

A phone call from my son who lives in Canberra, because I’m always happy to hear his voice (and his lovely girlfriend’s) and know that he is enjoying his life.

Day 78 I am grateful for:

The rain, because I’m in my office, writing, writing and writing (which to me is bliss).

Look around you. Find something simple to be grateful for in your life. What is it?

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2016 was wonderful and 2017 is going to be even better

2016 was a year of change for my family

As with most New Year celebrations, we started the year with big hopes of a better year than 2015 (well sometimes it can’t get any worse). Are you and your loved ones looking forward to a better year?

There were a few mishaps but mostly the changes were huge. My husband started his own business Mirror Pool Cleaning, to fulfil a passion he has with pools (and to quit having a boss and be one). He’s a stayer and the jobs he’s had were all long-term, so you can imagine how hard it was for him to take a chance on himself.

Mirror Pool Cleaning Gold Coast
Mirror Pool Cleaning webpage at (created by me using Wix). Bevil is the handsome smiling guy.

I’m super proud of his efforts and following a dream instead of just staying with what is safe and predictable.

Our youngest son finished his course and began working with his father. He’s picking up the pool lingo and figuring out the job, particularly vacuuming (who would’ve thought?). It’s a good partnership, father and son, because they both have the same warped sense-of-humour.

Our middle son got promoted and now moves to Canberra (I wish it wasn’t so far away). It’s good for his career and at least his lovely girlfriend is moving with him, so he’s not lonely. He’ll be chasing more CrossFit dreams in 2017 (this time hopefully fully fit and healthy).

Our eldest son (and of course his awesome wife) blessed us with a second grandchild. Now with have a grandson as well as three-year-old granddaughter. He also finished his cabinet-maker apprenticeship (tradie in the family, yay!). You’ve got to say 2016 has blessed us.

Late in 2016 I decided (after years of submissions, research and procrastination) to self-publish my latest manuscript. This means something wonderful and exciting started in 2016 (Warm Witty Publishing began) and the first published book will be available in June 2017. I’m not giving up my full-time job because that brings me fulfilment and joy too.

If you’re over 50 you can change your career, health, fitness or lifestyle. Whatever you’ve dreamed of changing you can begin it. We’re both over 50 so it’s not too late. I have a friend who just started a nursing degree. Don’t think a career change is just for the young. Assess you goals (the things your passionate about) find them in a job and aim for that job. You can do it. Just trust your instincts and leap into it.

There’s so much to look forward to for us; building both businesses, watching our sons grown into wonderful adults with lovely supportive partners, enjoying our adorable grandchildren and living a life we’ve dreamed of (or course we’ll be a bit poorer until things take off but it will be worth it). I think going into the year with a positive outlook and affirmations will help us fulfill these goals. We don’t need New Year’s resolutions – we have enough going on.

I hope you are looking forward to a wonderful year full of optimism and hope. I wish that, and your dreams come true in 2017.