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Dad Love is out now

Yesterday ‘Dad Love’ was released on Smashwords. This is my first venture as an ebook author.

I had under a month to complete the project and am pleased to say I have released ‘Dad Love’¬†on schedule. I wanted it out a couple of weeks before Father’s Day (Australia) ¬†just in case anyone wanted to downloaded it for their dad, or just read it because they love their dad. Marketing wise it’s the best strategy but also it gave me a definite time-frame so I couldn’t ignore the project and leave it to another day. I’m very proud to have published this book and though it’s no great literary revelation it is a unique and poignant book that will appeal to anyone. It’s a non-fiction book about family relationships.

Thank you to those who contributed. I would have liked to include more quotes from real people but time was running out. I believe it’s a nice collection of quotes of memories, feelings, love, wonder and admiration for dads. I’ve also explained why we love our dads so much and included dads from history and now as well as quotes from celebrities as well as average Australians. I hope you enjoy it.

You may wonder why I have used Stafford-Munro. The fact I am Munro (nee Stafford) means that I have honored my dad, not only by dedicating the book to him, but by using my birthname. Even though I’m married and now a Munro I always feel that I am still a Stafford. Also my old friends who knew me as Donna Stafford will know that the book was written by me. I’ve been blessed to have my dad Barry Stafford and my husband’s dad Colin Munro and to be able to use both surnames with pride.

The cover of Dad Love by Donna Stafford-Munro

‘Dad Love’


by Donna Stafford-Munro

ISBN: 978-1-4661-3461-4

Publisher: Smashwords, Inc.

Buy it for only $2.00

at Smashwords where it is available for download in all formats.