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Lifestyle challenge count down done

Five weeks seems like plenty of time but with three weeks left I felt like it was going as fast as Sally Pearson over hurdles. When you want time to slow down it seems to move faster and when you want it to speed up it drags on. Despite all that five weeks is just that, five weeks. And now they are done.

I lost a bit of weight, but I’ve been doing a lot more weigh resistant exercises. Remember muscle weighs more than fat. So perhaps I’m coming along okay thanks to Chelsea ‘Hammer’ Hackett at Wise Force Gym, Burleigh. At only $10 a 1 hour class it’s terrific value and I’m seeing the improvement in muscle definition. I’d recommend ladies who live close by to give it a go. There’s a nice bunch of people to encourage you too.

The Brave Project
The Brave are the best quality sports brand, specific to CrossFit but perfect for any fitness.

By the time I went to Newcastle I’d got down to 48.9kg but only because I was so nervous about Joel competing at CrossFit Regionals that I couldn’t eat. Which is not a good thing for metabolism.

I’ve been more conscious of my eating and have cut out any junk and added more protein and greens, plus trying to drink more water or coconut water (I love Cocobella).

My results so far:

  • Feeling less bloated in the stomach
  • Lost over 2kg
  • Feeling fitter
  • Hitting the boxing pads harder
  • Lifting heavier weights easier (though I don’t lift much over 18kg)
  • Having fun with my fitness (always do something you enjoy and fitness will be easier)

And, the real test. Yes the jeans fit and have a look at these great tights from The Brave (one of Joel Munro’s sponsors). Thanks The Brave I love them and the girls at bootcamp all want a pair. 

Joel Munro
Joel 100 metre handstand walk at CrossFit Pacific Regionals individual mens’ event 2016.
Joel rowing fast at CrossFit Pacific Regionals 2016.

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