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Day 19 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Day 19 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Today my gratitude started when I opened my laptop and needed inspiration to write. I have so many ideas in my head that it’s difficult to find the perfect one.

Stars in the sky (courtesy of Graphic Stock)I began looking through my clip art and photographs for inspiration and found one from my Graphic Stock collection. The starfish and the colours got me thinking about nature. Nature can give us, not only gratitude, but inspire us also.

So with that little snippet of inspiration I came up with these writing prompts for the day.

Writing prompts:

  • Three starfish wash up but one is in fact an antique gold relic.
  • The starfish are a scene from a children’s story about conservation.
  • The stars are a backdrop for an outback romance.
  • A woman wishes on a shooting star and she gets that wish (does she regret it?).
  • A boat has sunk with a family onboard. How will they safely get ashore?
  • A tropical romance involving two television stars (pun intended).

Day 19 I am grateful for:

The stars in the sky and the starfish in the water, because when I look up or down, nature has something to show me.

Even if you don’t write, writing prompts are a way to see the world differently. One small picture can give you so many ideas. These ideas could help your business, family life, health and happiness. You don’t need to start writing a novel just read them and imagine the possibilities.

Look at the picture above and what prompts can you come up with? Perhaps it will be something you’re grateful for today.

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Sunrise over Greenmount

Getting up in the middle of winter when it’s still dark has been, to say the least, a chore. I hate the cold and though the Gold Coast doesn’t really get COLD compared to a lot of places, I feel it. I feel it in my knees which now click and ache. I feel it in my fingers and toes because they somehow miss out on good circulation no matter what time of year it is. For instance when I used to play touch footy in the chilly valley of Bilambil night-time in winter I’m sure you could have chipped my feet with a snow pick.

Anyway I’m not complaining, really. I’ll get up rain, hail or cold just to enjoy the morning. Okay, I’m not technically enjoying it, because I’m doing a group session with the PT and sometimes these exercises are bordering on torture. If you’ve ever heard of a Froggy you’ll know what I mean. Sometimes we can’t walk the next day. Anyhoot, pain and cold days aside we are losing weight, toning up and feeling healthy. I guess we look better too. At least the other girls do. There’s no sign of tuckshop-lady arms and tummies are flattening and bums shrinking. (Unfortunately so are my boobs.)

Even when we’re running up the headland’s stairs, avoiding lizards and bush turkeys and puffing like steam trains, we know it’s worth the effort. When we reach the top the PT (my son Joel) has us doing jump squats but in between each pumping squat we watch the sun rising over the water.

The orange/red ribbons of clouds over an ocean that is shrouded in mist heralds another perfect day in paradise. The pandanus around the boardwalk are silhouetted by the sun and the first surfers are already catching waves that are smooth and dark like mercury. Suddenly I remember why I love mornings. There is nothing like the smell and sight of a fresh day. Nothing else can fill your lungs with life.

“How beautiful is that?” someone asked.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere else,” I say and I’ve forgotten how hard it was to get up when my phone alarm went off and I wanted to curl back under the doona. I’ve forgotten how I tripped over my runners on the way to get dressed in the bathroom, got to the bathroom and the light had blown, swore and my husband woke up and said, “Just turn the damn bedroom light on.” (I was trying not to wake him at 5.15am).

I’ve forgotten how I was still yawning as I sipped a cup of coffee to wake me up and how I could still see stars as I headed to the car, still rubbing my numb fingers.

As soon as that morning sun comes up I realise I have started my day the perfect way with a sunrise over Greenmount.