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Day 52 and 53 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Day 52 and 53 of 365 Days of Gratitude

I’m all over the place lately. At boxing this morning (sorry Helen) I could not remember a single instruction. What’s so hard about – jab/cross, hook/hook, upper/upper? I think it’s because I have so many things on my mind.

I hate to say, “I’m so busy.” I think we all are and it’s not that (plus isn’t it irritating when people say it all the time and you’ve just done a million things more than them and you’re exhausted?). I think it’s really about the creative side of my head running ideas around while I’m doing other things.

I guess with exercise you can give it your all, but be thinking of other things. Am I wrong or right?

It’s not like I’m actually thinking of hitting someone when I’m boxing (though that can make you hit harder) it’s more like: Oh, did I lock my car? Will I have time to blog after my shower when I get home? Did I let the dog out before I left? But usually for me (as a writer) I could be wondering if my characters are happy with what I made them do. Were my scenes believable and real. That froggie reminds me I should put a frog in the jungle scene (froggie is a tortuous exercise that mimics a frog bouncing but you must keep your bum down).Will anyone ever read my book? Hey, but that’s just me.

What do you think of while you’re doing something else? (and no I am not talking about sex, well unless that’s what you’d like to discuss).

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This isn’t the sharpest photo but it’s priceless. Mahli was chasing me around. I think Bevil caught us at just the right time.

Day 52 I am grateful for:

Last nights leftovers saved in the fridge, because then it’s a simple matter of adding, salad greens, avocado and fetta and I have a healthy, yummy lunch. (It is annoying when I leave them out and have nothing to put in my salad).

Day 53 I am grateful for:

Rising early and getting lots of things done, because it’s not just about exercising. There were also two loads of washing, dishes in the sink, make the bed (can’t leave the house without the bed made and pillows fluffed), breaky (my new favourite oats, oatbran, black chia seeds, cacao nibs, moist coconut flakes, hot chili powder [just a tiny sprinkle] all soaked in coconut water [Cocobella is the best] for 15 minutes, add to the Umoja Writing Competition blog [in hiatus this year], check emails, plan an article, check social media and all this between 5.30-8.30. What was I saying about busy earlier? (okay yawn!).

And just because I’m in the writing mood – here’s five writing prompts.

  • What if someone robbed you? What happens next?
  • Your dog comes home dragging an unknown puppy. Were did it come from? Will you try to find out or keep it?
  • What’s your fantasy?
  • The sky turns green. Is it aliens? Is it just a summer storm with hail? Is it the end of the world?
  • Children are so cute. Write about one.

Get writing, get exercising, start eating well, get organised, chill, have fun – do what makes you happy!


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Choose your own wave (writing style) when entering Umoja Writing Competition

Choose your own wave when writing

Here’s another writing quote to inspire you to write.

I hope you get your entry in to Umoja Writing Competition and test your writing. Entries close 6th August 2015. We need as many entries as possible to make this competition a success for the Umoja Orphanage Kenya. Please pass on to all your writing friends.

Here’s some more writing tips to help you in your quest to write:

  • Membership in a national professional writing group can help you establish a professional image
  • Write often, even if it’s just notes and scribbles
  • Writing competitions build writing skills and test you against other writing styles Enter
  • Inspiration often comes from nature. Look around you.
  • Keep a notebook and don’t let any of those brilliant ideas slip away
  • Set writing goals you can reach. Once reached expand them further.
  • Attend workshops and conferences to enhance your writing craft
  • Encourage other writer
  • Write, write & write (edit re-write, edit re-write, edit re-write) polish

Good luck with your entry in this unique writing competition.


First posted to Umoja Orphanage Writing Competition site.