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Join The Australian Women Writers Challenge and Review Books

Join The Australian Women Writers Challenge and Review Books

Australian women writers challengeThe challenge began to bring equality to the amount of books Australian women writers have reviewed (there’s a bit of gender imbalance, as with a lot of things). Read about The Australian Women Writers Challenge here. It’s a wonderful initiative and I like the idea of women empowering other women in literature. It’s not just for writers who have published books. Anyone who loves books can join as a reviewer. The challenge is also on Goodreads.

I’ll be choosing a book to start the challenge with. If you have a book you’d like me to read just message me on my page. Likewise if anyone would like to review The Zanzibar Moon as part of the challenge (or for the media) please contact me. The book release is in June but PDF copies are available. I am also available for author interviews.

Why do indie authors need book reviews:

  • Noone knows who a début author is until people start mentioning them and their book
  • Book reviews may reach an audience wider than the authors circle
  • It can legitimise the work of the author (especially a good review from a well-know reviewer or blogger)
  • It may help the book be discovered and result in more sales
  • The more reviews in Amazon the more chance of them featuring the book
  • Reviewers with the authors target readership (eg. romance) have a better chance of reviews converting to sales
  • Book reviews from peers (other authors of the same genre) can improve a reputation.

Which Australian writer’s book will I review first? I have already reviewed a few in my Goodreads.

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Top 10 Warm Witty Words blog posts

Tallebudgera Creek, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast Queensland
I love walking the beautiful bottom walking track towards Tallebudgera Creek entrance.

A look back at Warm Witty Words blog posts

This blog has run (in one form or other) since mid 2010. This year two weeks before the launch of The Zanzibar Moon the blog will turn 7 years old. Looking back on some old posts has seen a progression in the things I write about. I try to keep the writing interesting and not about me the writer, but rather about subjects that may interest my readers. Here’s a recap of some posts from the last seven years.

  1. Inspiration comes in many forms
  2. A day in the writing life of a book marketing publicist
  3. Summer Bliss
  4. Kicking off fitness workout
  5. My 12 favourite things about being a writer
  6. Finally relaxing on the Sunshine Coast
  7. Top 10 tips to stay in shape after fifty
  8. Running for a cause Get on Board
  9. I now have a website and I’m guest blogging
  10. Week one writing goals (this is a flash back to 2015 and my original The Zanzibar Moon idea as Finding My Tarzan).

If you have any suggestions about what you would like me to write about just comment below. It could be; menopause, health and fitness, writing books, self publishing, book marketing, volunteering, gratitude or anything else that interests women. Thanks again for reading.