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Day 47 to 51 of 365 Days of Gratitude

Day 47 to 51 of 365 Days of Gratitude

kick fit, Hammer Fit, Chelsea Hackett, fitness, Muay Thai
Hammer Fit at Wise Force Gym, Burleigh Heads. Australian Muay Thai Champion and our PT/Instructor Chelsea Hackett out front. Yep, my little head and thumbs up to the left (we were very sweaty). Photo by Chelsea Hackett.

February is almost over. Can you believe it will be March in under a fortnight? Time certainly flies so make the most of every moment. I didn’t find much gratitude on Friday (it was ‘one of those days’) but I did choose to find something, and you can too. Even a bad day has to have at least one positive. Maybe it’s a lesson learned or just a blooming flower in your garden. Find it; it’s there somewhere.

Day 47 I am grateful for:

Another early morning sunrise, because Thursday mornings I go walking with my friend Sue and it’s early enough to catch the sunrise as we round the bend at the Alley (Currumbin Beach). What a great place to start a day!

Day 48 I am grateful for:

Nothing (just kidding) – for morning bootcamp that had me aching all over, because we used lots of weights and at my age weights will build strength and help me live a longer healthier life.

Day 49 I am grateful for:

Finishing the book I’m reading while lying in a shallow pool, because I just love books and Saturday was hot. The smell of the sprinkler on the dry grass was amazing.

sprinkler, summer, donna munro writer
Sprinkler water like diamonds in the sky.

Day 50 I am grateful for:

Registering my CIP, because now my book is registered with the National Library of Australia, it’s a real book. I’m so excited. Grateful, grateful, grateful!

Day 51 I am grateful for:

Early morning kick fit, because our trainer Chelsea Hackett is an inspiration (she won her weight division in the Australian Muay Thai championships over the weekend. Congrats Chels, you are amazing.

I’d like to mention too; the group of women who train at Hammer Fit are the most supportive, encouraging, motivated group of women I have ever trained with. No-one complains. Everyone has a dig. There’s no negativity just lots of positive vibes. We come from all walks of life and in all different shapes and sizes, but we all want the best for each other. All women need to take note; build each other up, not tear each other down. Be kind always.

Bootcamp, Hammer Fit, fitness, beach
Beach Bootcamp with Hammer Fit Summer 2016.

What are you doing to keep fit?

Find a group like Hammer Fit and you’ll always want to turn up.

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5 Week Lifestyle Reminder

5 Week Lifestyle Reminder

There’s too many 12 week challenges around, and okay I must confess I’ve joined a couple and got results. The thing is though, I want my health and fitness plans to be a permanent lifestyle not just something I do for a number of weeks and stop.

There’s always hurdles of course and while I remain a consistent weight (most of the time), sometimes it creeps up. That’s when I set a reminder of what I need to do. It’s not a challenge just a goal to get back to the basics of a healthy lifestyle. So I’ve set a 5 Week Lifestyle Reminder. Why?

In five weeks I visit my super-fit, super-healthy son in Newcastle. You may be thinking why would he care if his mum is getting slightly frumpy around the tummy. He probably won’t, but I like to set a good example and I believe part of that example has probably helped him and his brothers through life. I hadn’t even realised that I was getting frumpy until, well, there it was. I put on a pair of jeans that fit only last season and couldn’t get them over my hips. Yikes!

I do a few things to get back on track and they are:

  • Get back on My Fitness Pal which you can download onto your phone or sign up online. It has a food and exercise diary. I don’t regularly count calories but this app helps me realise the little things I may have been overeating and cuts the rubbish out again.
  • Up the exercise ante. I try to exercise three times or more a week so I’ll add an extra day or two.
  • More incidental exercise like gardening, walking the dog, walking instead of driving and using the stairs more at work.
  • Reduce the alcohol. I don’t have a problem with it but I do drink beer. Take away week day drinks and try adding a coconut water or plain water between beers. Plus there’s the added benefit of staying better hydrated (and obviously less intoxicated).
  • Use weights more often. My boxing and bootcamp at Wise Force Gym usually includes weights. When it doesn’t I do extra weights at home or during work breaks. Lifting weights keeps the metabolism going longer than cardio and the older you get the more you need weight-bearing exercise. (Being over 50 the later definitely applies to me).
  • Get outdoors and do it early. The best time of day is morning. It may be hard to get up but just set that alarm and do it. Nature at it’s best.
  • Everything in moderation and no obsessing over it. Though I have a plan I don’t beat myself up if I wander off the path. The harder you make it the harder it will be. Especially when menopause has hit (and I mean hit). Give yourself some flexibility. (One piece of your favourite chocolate not the whole Lindt block, yummy as that may be).
Find a great place to exercise. Even in a storm the Caloundra Kings Beach walkway was a motivator for me.
Find a great place to exercise. Even in a storm the Caloundra Kings Beach walkway was a motivator for me.

I started this reminder on 4th April and have the goal of feeling firmer, less bloated and healthier by 9th May. I could use the weighing method and say I want to get down from 51.8kg to 48kg (I’m only 150cm) but considering muscle weighs more than fat and I’m hoping to gain muscle, then that weight loss or gain would be out of whack. Instead I’ll use those white jeans (that only got to my thighs) as an indication of getting back on track.

I’ll fill you in at the end of this week. So wish me luck and if you have a comment on how you get back to your own health and fitness goals please comment below.

Beach Bash 2015 034
Join and organised event like the Beach Bash for early morning inspiration. I did this with my son Blake (pictured), husband Bevil and brother Brad and we called ourselves Average Joes. It was lots of fun.